Dazzling DIY manis for homecoming


Now that it’s officially homecoming season, it’s time to get ready for the big dance. While picking out dresses, doing extra-glam makeup and finding the perfect dancing shoes are all important, don't forget the details. We've got five dazzling DIY mani ideas for you and your BFFs to try for HoCo so your nails will shine as bright as you do!


Dots for days

The polka dot nail trend will never go out of style. You don’t have to do this on all of your nailsjust a small design on your ring finger is so cute. An easy way to do this is paint all of your nails first and, when they dry, cover the nails you want to have polka dots on with a band-aid. Paint over the band-aid and voila, perfect polka dots!

Contrast colors and glitter

Sometimes glitter on all of your nails is a bit too much. Try painting your nails your fave color, and highlighting one nail with glitter. Super cute and easy.

Metallic French tip

Change up the classic French mani by painting your nails any color and then using a fun metallic shade for the tip. To help make your line straight, grab thin nail tape and paint over it.

Gradient ombré

Take the ombré trend to your tips. Paint your nails using a light, pastel color and then go in with glitter or an eyeshadow pigment and use a makeup brush to spread the glitter onto the middle to tip of the nail. Don’t forget the topcoat for a smoother finish.

Geometric glam

Who knew geometry could be used outside of math class? Outline the different shapes you want on your nails (triangles, squares, diamonds, etc.) with Scotch tapeand paint over it using a different color. Hint: It looks way harder than it actually is, we promise.

How are you going to do your nails for homecoming? Share your ideas and thoughts in the comments below!


by Yasmeena Fakhouri | 10/4/2016