The beauty drink breakdown


Eight glasses a day? Ugh. You’re just *so* over sipping plain water. And as hard as you try, you can't seem to get into the whole green smoothie trend. But you love the idea of drinking your way to a healthier, more glowy you. Well, you may be in luck! We've got the scoop on beauty drinks—what they are, how they work and why you should (or shouldn’t) fill your cup with one.


Not your average drink

Say goodbye to apple juice and hello to antioxidants! Beauty drink brands swap out the stuff you’d normally find in your fridge and, instead, mix in molecules and other seemingly mysterious ingredients. According to Get the Gloss, two of the most major players are Fountain and Beauty & Go. Fountain, for example, features a special blend of nine molecules and—get ready—fungus.

Beauty is a gut feeling

You’re probably wondering what mushrooms and molecules have in common. In this case, it’s your complexion. Vogue talked to naturalist and Beauty Chef founder Carla Oates about exactly what it is that beauty drinks do for our bodies. Oates said that “digestive health is key for healthy, radiant skin.” According to her, over half of your immune system is in your stomach. Because of this, your skin’s more likely to go into freakout mode if what you eat and drink doesn’t do a good enough job of keeping nutrients, hormones, pathogens and enzymes in balance.

Beauty drinks promise to do exactly that. The Hyaluronic Molecule in Fountain “is designed to keep skin plump and fresh.” The beverage’s Energy Molecule pumps up your natural glow, and its Hair Molecule takes the concept a step further by promising a healthier mane. Beauty & Go drinks, as indicated by Get the Gloss, vow to “reduce the fatigue that everyday life causes skin.” 

Good things take time

Remember that whole thing about balance? It absolutely applies here. According to Vogue, a single beauty drink probably won’t give you crystal-clear skin and soft, shiny locks. So, instead of guzzling down massive gulps of these beverages, the key is to keep in mind the fact that your diet plays such an important role in determining how you feel and whether or not your forehead breaks out. If you’re intrigued by the idea behind beauty drinks, then start small by incorporating one into a healthy routine. Otherwise, stick to strawberries, steamed broccoli and the *occasional* Starbucks sweet.

Would you try a beauty drink? Share your thoughts below!

Photo credit: Fountain, Instagram.

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by Megan Sawey | 11/9/2016