The amaze festival hair trends that *aren't* flower crowns


The weather is slowly warming up and you know what that means: It’s officially concert and festival season. And there's nothing we love more than Coachella inspired style and beauty, from glitter to neon to the craziest but cutest looks you can imagine. Festival hair is *so* gorgeous this year and, while it's the ultimate accessory if you actually are heading to a music fest, it can also be for everyday life. Here’s your 2017 guide to styling statement-making strands.


Giant buns
Everything about huge, messy topknots is so in this festival season. Give it a sleek look with scalp braids and hairspray or tease it into a messy bun. Or rock our favorite look: the space buns.


Braids on braids on braids
Normally buns with braids might seem like way too much going on. But for festival season, the busier your hair, the better. Embellish them with shimmery hair gems, tie in some tiny random ones throughout your flow or do multiple fishtails in one bigger one (braid inception!).


Waves for days
Stay away from the straightener this festival season. It’s *all* about the texture. Whether it be curls created with an iron or your natural crimp, keep it crazy.


Glitter roots
Move over flower crowns. This year, it cannot be complete without the funkiest glitter color you can find. Get all of your friends to wear the same or rock different colors. Sure, it’ll be a pain to scrub out later but the sparkly strands are so worth it.

Photo credit: The Gypsy Shrine, Pinterest, Emily Rose Hannon, Hair With Linda, Philly Hair.


by Gabby Regalbuto | 4/18/2017