How to get the *perfect* brow for your face shape

Any girl into beauty knows that your brows can totally make or break your look. While most of us might slack on our eye framers when we're rushing to school in the morning, tending to your eyebrows can help bring definition to your face and balance out a bold lip or major lashes. And the trends in taming them have been changing for years. In the early 2000s, it was always about the barely there brow and lots of pencil. Fast forward ten years later and Cara Delevingne has helped usher in the trend of thick natural eyebrows. 

Playing around with your makeup is fun but when it comes to your eyebrows, you have to stay true to yourself and find what looks best on you. With that said, we strongly recommend going to a trusted professional (try the nearest salon) before you pick up the tweezers. If you're ready to start plucking, waxing and shaping, we've got a handy dandy guide to the best looking brows for every face shape.


If you have a square face...
Consider going for a brow shape that is more softly rounded for an angular face with a square jaw. But be careful of going too round. There's a prefect balance you'll want to strike between making them too much like an upside down Nike logo and a rainbow.


If you have a round face...
Your go-to will be a more angular brow to add defintion to your face. A higher right arch will accent the brow bone for a fierce look. 


If you have a long face...
Extend the tail of the brow to add depth to your face. By scultpting the brow to make it appear that the tail is longer, you have to be careful of making it too long to avoid making the eye look droopy.


If you have a heart-shaped face...
A well groomed thinner brow is the look for a heart-shaped face. Though super skinny brows are definitely not in, you'll want to avoid the thick natural look as it will offset the proportions for your petite facial features.


If you have an oval-shaped face...
Stick with a straighter shaped brow if your face is more of an oval shape. That doesn't neccesarily mean a flat line drawn above your eye, but a slightly thicker eyebrow is definitely in your cards. 

How do you shape your brows? Share your secrets below! 

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by Karlyn Sykes | 9/27/2018