Transform into your *fave* beauty vloggers with this new palette


Admit it: You get a little disappointed when you watch your favorite beauty vlogger’s new tutorial, only find out all the products they used cost *way* more money than you can spend. But what if there was a way to get that same look in just one palette? Introducing our favorite new makeup subscription service: Deck of Scarlet.

Created by the geniuses behind Scentbird (a monthly fragrance subscription service), Deck of Scarlet works hand-in-hand with popular YouTube beauty gurus to create makeup palette based on amazing beauty tutorials. Each palette comes fully loaded with all the products needed to create multiple looks. So, you can go from day to night without the hassle of redoing all of your makeup. You read that right: You get a full face makeover from the pro’s every other month. Sounds pretty awesome right?

The subscription service is only $29.95 every two months or you can buy the palettes on their own for $44.95 as they are released. Each palette in the collection offers lip, eye and cheek colors that you can switch up for tons of different looks. You can also go online to check out tutorials based on each of the exclusive and limited edition palettes. There are four palettes out as of right now, but Deck of Scarlet has future plans to team up with more famous vloggers to create tons of new, dreamy palettes. 

Their latest creation? A collaboration with the fabulous Nazanin Kavari (seriously, go check out her amazing makeup tutorials here) and is full of pops of peach and pretty pinks. It’s the perfect look for your end of summer bash or, dare we say, the first day of school? Check out the palette below and go to to sign up and start receiving your new looks. Peep Nazanin's palette below.


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by Emily Mullin | 8/11/2017
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