Match your hair color to your fave Starbucks drink

Whether you prefer a cup of tea or a mug of joe, you *love* hitting up Starbucks before (and, ok, maybe after, too) school. And there's no reason your Frappe fangirl status should only be for a.m. pick-me-ups. Peep our inspo below to see how to match your strands to your sip.

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If you love a unicorn Frappucino...
Rock the season's hottest trend: unicorn hair. The best part is that you can add temporary tint (and get super creative) with hair chalk and hair paint that doesn't damage your tresses. 

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If you love a very berry hibiscus refresher...
Go for a deep red color like a burgundy or maroon. It will warm up any skin tone and is an easy way to test out being a redhead instead of going full-on firetruck.

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If you love a caramel Frappucino...
Ask for buttery caramel highlights the next time you're at the hairdresser's. They'll add a subtle dimension to your strands that an all-over color can't. 

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If you love plain coffee...
Take your mane to the dark side with an almost-black-but-not-quite hue. (Remember that you can find dark browns in a range of tones from warm to cool so choose accordingly based on your skin.) Not into the solid look? Dip your tips in a lighter brown to mix things up. 

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If you love a vanilla bean creme Frappucino...
You should consider platinum, babe. The blondest of the blondes, this look is *very* in RN but be warned—it is super damaging to your hair (especially if done the wrong way) so ask your stylist for proper care tips and if your hair can handle the hue. And never ever try bleaching your own strands at home, yikes. 

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If you love an iced caramel macchiato...
There's just something about the gorgeous gradient that we want for our hair, too. Try out an ombre style (aka dark roots fading to lighter ends)—you can get as subtle or as dramatic as you'd like. 

What's your favorite hair color—or Starbucks drink? Share in the comments below! 

by Amanda Tarlton | 8/21/2018
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