Which is better for your hair: combs or brushes?

We all dream of having a gorgeous manethe kind that never gets tangled, never breaks and never looses its shine. It may feel impossible at times (so. much. frizz.) but there are easy hacks to healthier figuring out when to brush vs. when to comb it. We settle the age-old debate below.

When to comb...
A good rule of thumb to follow: Only use a comb (aka never a brush) on wet hair. Work from the ends to the top because working from your roots to your ends can actually worsen knots. You can also use a comb in wet hair to evenly distribute product (build up doesn’t look good on anyone!).

Make sure your comb is made of plastic because metal can be way too harsh on your strands and take a look at the fingers on your comb to ensure that they are smooth to the touch. Rough edges can split your strands and make them weak. We heart the adorable floral Go-Comb (above) because not only is it a savvy styler, it's tiny enough to fit in your wallet for date night. (Bonus: It comes in this gorgeous lace pattern, too!).

When to brush...
Since combs are for wet hair, brushes are for dry hair (natch). Again, pick plastic because both a metal or natural bristle brush can do some major damage to your hair. 

And beware of over-brushing! The key is to only brush when you need to. Over-brushing can make your strands weak, static and brittle so the less brushing, the better.

When to do a little more... 
If you're a blowdry-loving babe or just a girl whose locks need a little extra love, try one of these product picks.

Bumble and Bumble oil primer, $12
To further protect your mane, try out a moisturizing hair primer for when it’s wet. This particular product can also be used dry to refresh your locks.

It’s a 10 dry oil, $13
Brushing through dry knots can be painful and difficult. Using an oil on dry hair helps loosen those knots for an easier detangling. This one is dry oil which means it won’t leave your hair feeling super greasy, too.

Do you brush or comb your hair? Tell us in the comments below!

Photo credit: Pinterest, Target, GO-Comb, Sephora


by Bella Torres | 11/15/2017
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