This singer is the next Lorde--and she's dishing must-have beauty tips!


With the holiday season comes tons of travel. The worst part about that? Whittling down your beauty routine to your must-have products, or–if you can't bare to part with anything–just lugging around all the ones you heart instead. But there are easy ways to look fab on the road. How do we know? We talked to singer-songwriter Chappell Roan.

The 19-year-old has been wowing ears ever since her School Nights EP was released earlier this year. (Watch the video for her song "Good Hurt" below.) She also got off a tour opening for Vance Joy and she's got *all* the tips and tricks you need for schooling your beauty routine this season.

1. Mask it
Chappell's pre-show routine involves a bit of meditation and a sheet mask from her fave Korean beauty brand, Tony Moly. "I get really nervous before I go on stage, so it really relaxes me," she says. If you're going crazy from an overdose of family time, mask on-the-go in the car, a plane or the train and pop some relaxing music in your ears to drown out your little bro and sis.

2. Sunscreen is key (yes, even in the winter)
"I *have* to wear sunscreen every day, I *have* to put on moisturizer every day," Chappell says. "I'm very adamant about it." You should be wearing sunscreen every day, too! Yes, even in the winter months. Just because it's cold doesn't mean harmful UV rays can't reach you. We suggest layering a sunscreen under your makeup (we heart Glossier's Invisible Shield) and grabbing a foundation that contains SPF, like Maybelline's FIT ME! foundation or Neutrogena's Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup

3. Get sniffy
Aromatherapy is a thing. If you're not using at least one product that smells super yummy or relaxing you should add one to your routine. Chappell loves Mario Badescu everything. The brand's Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater smells amazing and is the perfect way to set your makeup, or to hydrate your face after a day playing in the snow with the fam. (It even comes in a travel size!)


What products are a part of your winter beauty routine? What's your fave song at the moment? Sound off in the comments!

Photo credit: Catie Laffoon

by Sydney Adamson | 11/24/2017
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