GIFs that sum up you trying to recreate a YouTube tutorial


Makeup tutorials are awesome…if you know how to do makeup. Sometimes for beginners, tutorials can be pretty hard to recreate. Even for us at GL... (shh, don't tell!)

These are totally you when trying to recreate that epic makeup look.

Starting the video
You just got a notification that your favorite YouTuber uploaded a video and you immediately press play.

Getting your tools ready
You saw the thumbnail was so pretty and you’ve set in your mind that you’re totally going to recreate their look.

Prep the skin
You’re feeling confident when you can easily apply your favorite primer to your skin just like Jaclyn Hill. It basically feels like you’re putting on war paint.

Same products
You see that Patrick Starrr is using the same product as you and you have a mini freak out sesh because you guys are #twinning.

Okay, things started off easy, but now their using random Sigma and Morphe brushes and you’re totally confused.

You decide to restart because something went wrong and you might as well just start over.

Must. Keep. Blending. And remain calm.

Slow down
Do all YouTubers go this fast? How did they blend their eyeshadow that quickly? Ugh.

Oh well
You’ve gotten more than halfway through the 20 minute video and decided to just do your own thing and you’re totally okay with it.

Nailed it
You may or may not have recreated the look, but either way, you look great!

Can you relate to any of these GIFs? Let us know in the comments!

Photo credit: Covergirl


by Katlyn Pierre | 12/30/2017
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