How to *actually* use these must-have beauty brushes

You may have a brush kit from Sephora or a random assortment from the drugstore, but regardless of what you have, you definitely need to know how to use them. A lot of the brushes look the same or may serve similar purposes, but this is your ultimate guide on how to use the tools in your makeup bag. *The choice of brushes is based off the Sephora "Ready To Roll Brush Set" that you can find here!*

1. Complexion Brush

This brush is for your BB creams, CC creams, foundations and everything in between. Use the sides of the brush to apply your products (as to not flatten the tip). Blend with big sweeping motions across your face, and then finalize the look by lightly using the tip to buff off any excess product. 

2. Concealer Brush

This brush's shape is designed to help even skin complexion, resulting in a natural look. One side can be used to apply the concealer while the other side is used to blend it in. Pro tip: For under-eye darkness, use a fine tipped brush to really get up in your lashline. 

3. Powder Brush

This brush is used to sweep either packed or loose powder onto your face. To apply powder, swipe the perimeter of your face, near your hairline, and then hit the T-zone. Make sure to tap off excess powder *before* putting the brush to your face, otherwise the extra powder may get on your clothes and make a mess. 

4. Angled Blush Brush

Though it's technically for blush, you can use it for any and all highlighting or contouring needs. The longest part of the brush should be directed toward the outer part of your face. Make sure you're applying your blush to the hollows of your cheeks. Pro tip: Find the hollows by making a fish face in the mirror – it's the part right under your cheekbone. 

5. Fan Brush

This is the last brush you use on your face. You can use it for light bronzer or to redistribute and get rid of excess powder left on your face. 

6. Eyeshadow Brush

This brush is obviously used for sweeping color onto your lids, but most people get confused as to what brush you're supposed to use for that task. Your go-to eyeshadow brush should be somewhat flat with straight sides and a curved top. Use this to put your base eyeshadow(s) on by very lightly patting the powder on your eyelids, then sweeping it to blend the shades.

7. Smudge Brush

This type of brush shouldn't be used for initial shadow. It packs shadow on heavily due to the firmness of the bristles. On your first layer of color, you want a more light and blended look, which you can achieve with the regular eyeshadow brush (see #6). However, this brush *can* be used to create a smokey eye effect. This helps give your look more of a pop by enhancing the richness of color. You can apply this to your lashlines or crease; the options and looks are absolutely endless!

8. Angled Liner Brush

This firm, slanted brush is perfect for applying eyeliner. The stiffness of the bristles allows you to have maximum control over where the liner goes. The fineness of the brush lets you get right up to your lashes when applying. For best results, start at the outer part of your eyelid and move toward the tear duct. 

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by Alyson Trager | 2/17/2018
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