Power polish: Magic mani ideas for every style

Seeking a particular type of pick-me-up this year? Help is right at your fingertips. Whether you want to kick up your confidence or just bliss out a bit, selecting a smart shade for your mani is the secret to instant feel-good vibes.

"Color makes a huge impact-it can shift our own emotions and even change the way that others see us," explains color expert Anjie Cho. Yep, your mani is pretty much magic.


The Vibe: Intelligent, loyal, zen.
Wear It When: Blue is beneficial to both the body and mind—it produces a calming effect that can make you feel tranquil. Bust out the blues when you're being pulled in a zil different directions for instant ahh.
Lechat in Mystique, $12. China Glaze in Holo At Ya Girl!, $8. China Glaze in Too Busy Being Awesome, $8.


The Vibe: Classic, chic, smart.
Wear It When: Like grey hair or gray matter, this 100 percent neutral hue (half-black, half-white!) imparts a deep sese of knowledge. Feeling thoughtful or seeking a solution? Go gray all day.
Smith & Cult in Glass Souls, $18. China Glaze in I Sea Ponies, $8. Pretty Woman NYC in Not in the Mood, $8.


The Vibe: Affectionate, feminine, hopeful.
Wear It When: Pink reassures our emotional energies and nixes any negative feelings. Wear it when you're feeling flirty (perf for a date!) or fun (like a bash with your besties).
China Glaze in Sweet As Pinkie Pie, $8. CND Creative Play in Look No Hands, $11. Essences in Beam Me Up!, $3.


The Vibe: Successful, alert, enthusiastic.
Wear It When: Orange stimulates mental activity and increases oxygen supply to the brain—try it when you're taking a way too-tough test.
China Glaze in Accent Piece, $8. Inglot in 251, $11. Smith & Cult in Fosse Fingers, $18.


The Vibe: Ambitious, extravagant, creative.
Wear It When: Rock this royal hue when you're ready to rule. In fact, 75 percent of kids prefer purple to all other shade—which can help you gain favor with your subject (er, we mean social circle).
Ulta in Vintage Violet, $6. Lauren B. Beauty in Hancock Park, $18. 100% Pure in Midsummer Night's Dream, $12.


The Vibe: Fresh, harmonized, healing,
Wear It When: Green elicits a strong emotional correspondence with safety—and it's also associated with money. Aka? The perfect color for negotiating that big babysitting raise.
Butter London in La Moss, $15. Pretty Woman NYC in Run Forrest, $8. Essence The Gel in Pretty Cool Life, $2.


The Vibe: Determined, passionate, courageous.
Wear It When: Red hues help increase respiration and make you more noticeable. Rock it during lacrosse tryouts for inner confidence *and* an attention-grabbing accent.
SinfulColors Shine in Devious, $3. Butter London in Rather Red, $18. Salon Perfect in He's With Me!, $4.

What shade are you stunning in today? Share in the comments!


by Kelsey Haywood Lucas | 2/14/2018
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