Open range: Our fave beauty products multiplied

One is better than none, sure—but what if you could take your favorite beauty essential and multiply it? Meet the comprehensive crews that bring new meaning to #squadgoals.

Range #1
The smarter shampoos
You can shop for your dry shampoo by color (blond, brunette or ginger, there’s a tinted hue for you). You can shop by formula (spray! powder! clay!). And now you can shop by the factor that makes so much sense, we can’t believe we hadn’t thought of this yet: how dirty your hair is. The three levels offer varying degrees of hair help: The light-cleanse Jet Lag is buildable and delivers a matte look to fresher ’dos; medium-cleanse Direct Flight builds texture and volume in limp locks; and the deep-cleanse First Class, infused with charcoal, erases oil and soothes the scalp. Super handy for post-sports styling (or, you know, if you just haven’t washed your hair in a week).
IGK Dry Shampoos, $29 each,

Range #2
The glow-up glam squad
If you’ve ever hung around someone super into photography—or just your Insta-obsessed bestie—you’ve probably heard of the “golden hour,” aka those magical moments of the day when the light casts the most flattering effect on pretty much everything. Photographers chase it, models are made by it—and Sephora bottled it up for the everygirl’s everyday use. The Golden Hour highlighter collection includes four get-lit looks: Start the day with peachy Dawn; energize with the sun-drenched Noon; blush much in dreamy Dusk; and catch a cast of cool moonlight with Twilight.
Sephora Golden Hour Highlighters, $16 each,

Range #3
The cool, creative crayon box
Ever wish you could take your favorite set of crayons or markers…and paint a masterpiece on your face? We all know that crayons aren’t conducive to coloring skin (you tried when you were 2, admit it) and permanent
pens are never safe (skip the toxins, pleaseandthanks). But now, with C’est Moi’s new collection of cosmetic crayons—created with clean ingredients and designed especially for young, sensitive skin—blending an ombré lip or sketching a vibrant cat-eye is completely possible. With ranges from classic primaries to presh pastels, art class is officially in session.
C’est Moi Visionary Makeup Crayons, $8 each,


by Kelsey Haywood | 4/16/2018