8 *essential* beauty steps for the best. prom. ever.

Prom is the night we look forward to *forever*. It miiight just even be the most memorable night of high school. Get ready for some amazing pics, awkward (but fun!) dancing and flirt-eyes with your crush. We want you to look and feel fab for your special night, so we put together a list of eight things to do before prom.

1. Pack your purse 
You definitely want to be prepared for your perfect night, so don’t forget to pack your purse ahead of time. Bring some extra bobby pins to make sure your hair stays flawless, some oil blotting sheets to keep your skin fresh and your lipstick in case you need to re-apply. Don’t forget your ticket!

2. Practice your look 
If you’re doing your hair and makeup by yourself, don’t forget to practice before the big night. You don’t want to be stressed about achieving the perfect winged liner right before you head out the door.

3. Prep your skin
There is nothing worse than waking up on prom morning and discovering a huge zit on your face! Make sure your skin is feeling smooth and fresh by pampering yourself with some amazing skin essentials. WIN: the *ultimate* pre-prom experience. You and 10 friends could sample Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Spot Treatment, have a photoshoot with an on-site photographer and get your makeup done by an on-site makeup artist! Get all the giveaway deets HERE.

4. Put deodorant on the sides of your feet 
We know this sounds weird, but it works! If you swipe some deodorant on the sides of your feet it will keep you blister free all night long, especially in your fab new shoes. 

5. Cold green tea bags on your eyes
Prom always comes at what seems like the most stressful time, but no need to worry about under-eye bags, we’ve got you covered. Pop some green tea bags in the freezer or refrigerator until they're cold, then lay them over your eyes and relax. In no time it’ll look like you just got back from a serene spa. 

6. Practice your poses 
Prom is all about the pictures. Practice your Insta-worthy poses the night before so you’re never caught off guard by a quick snapshot.

7. Exfoliate your lips 
If you’re planning on rocking a bold lip at prom, this is a must to keep your lipstick looking smooth all night long! Exfoliate your lips the night before by applying a little bit of lip balm or vaseline to a toothbrush and scrubbing all the dead skin off. This tip is sure to have your lips feeling baby soft.

8. Get excited
Most importantly, get pumped. It’s prom! Make sure to dance your heart out, and spend time making amazing memories with your wonderful friends. 

What are your favorite prom tips? Let us know in the comments!


by Cassie Doyle-Hines | 5/9/2018
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