5 makeup looks for your perfect prom night

Stressing about your prom look? Don't! We've got you covered. Makeup will be the last thing on your mind after you see all of these flawless ideas. The only thing you should be worried about is dancing your heart out and not forgetting your prom ticket!  

1. Golden goddess 
This look is the perfect balance between over the top and overly simple. The golden hues will make you look like an absolute goddess! One of the most important elements of this look is that gorgeous eyeshadow, get your golden on with this drugstore eyeshadow palette. Next, a beautiful blush color will add a pop of color to your face, and bring attention to your fab smile. Try this pinky perfection for your perfect prom blush. Yaaasss, you go girl! #goddess

2. Bronzed babe
Steal your look from Selena. We can all agree that our fave pop icon always looks flawless, so why not copy her look for your big night. The most important part of this look is bronzer! No need to spray tan if you can just use this beautiful hue to make it seem like you just came back from a beach vacay. We can’t forget about Selena’s show-stopping eye makeup. Create your own fabulous eye look with some glitter! Voila, you're a bronzed beauty.


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3. Subtle and sweet
Don’t want to go all out for prom? That’s perfectly okay! With this look, it’s all about keeping things subtle but fab. Start out with a flawless base using a concealer to cover up any pre-prom blemishes. Next, you’ll definitely want to bring attention to your beautiful eyes, so use mascara to make them pop! Now go dance your heart out!


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4. Classically chic 
It’s all about the details with this timeless look. Go bold with some gorgeous false eyelashes that will make your eyes the center of attention. With all the focus on your lashes, you can’t forget about the rest of your makeup! Swipe on a gorgeous red lip for an undeniably chic look. You’ll be the star of the night, so go make some memories. 


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5. Bold beauty 
This look makes a statement and we are here for it. We can’t get enough of these flawless brows (#browsonfleek). Create your own stellar brow look with a brow pencil for easy application and all night perfection. Okay, we cannot get over this highlight. You better warn your date to wear some sunglasses because your cheekbones will be poppin! 

What are you most excited about at prom? Let us know in the comments!


by Cassie Doyle-Hines | 5/11/2018
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