Five ways to make your summer makeup extra bold


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We saw bold and beautiful colors hit the runway back in Feburary during Fashion week. While the week primarily showcased new fashion trends, artists also introduced new beauty looks we absolutely love. Now, it’s time to take those trends to the streets. Be brave this summer and get creative with your next makeup look with these beauty trends.

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    Bitty gems. Don’t shy away from this trend. Models were rocking delicate jewelry placed underneath their eyes and it looked absolutely stunning. You’ll be the shining star everywhere you go. 

    Photo credit: Ponys Makeup

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    Garden Brows. I know it sounds crazy, but it’s actually a pretty simple and beautiful look. Simply glue a few delicate flowers like baby’s breath to your eyebrows using eyebrow adhesive glue. And just like that you are ready for a summer garden party. 

    Photo credit: Makeup By Darin

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    Bold Blush. No more shying away from blush in fear of applying way too much. This summer we are getting pink blushes and applying it with leisure.

    Photo credit: Essence  

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    Dot Liner. The traditional winged eye liner has some competition this summer. Try out the dot liner for a simple yet edgy look. Draw a couple dots with liquid eye liner right outside your eye and snap a few selfies. You could even do a white winged eyeliner for a extra pop of color. 

    Photo credit: Katie Jane Hughes

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    Body highlight. Highlighter doesn’t just belong on your cheeks and Rhianna will back me up on that. Pop your highlighter in the inner corner of your eye, on your shoulders and collar bone, under your eyebrow bone, etc. You can even buy a body illuminator and highlight your legs for a picnic party. It’s your body. You can glow as much as you want to. 

    Photo credit: Kjaer Weis




by Joy Cato | 5/28/2018
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