Why you shouldn't wear makeup this summer

Plain and simple, makeup is fun. It's a great way to get creative and express yourself, and there's nothing wrong with wearing makeup whenever you want. But sometimes it just feels good to go bare-faced, ya feel? Here are a few reasons to do just that this summer. 

You can show off your natural glow
The summer sun gives you that extra bit of color that you are constantly trying to get with bronzer. So, skip the brushes and the powder and just get outside a bit instead (with SPF, of course!).

You'll save you time and money
Not spending $30 on foundation will feel *really* good when you realize you can put those funds into an amazing meal with your friends, concert tickets to the festival of your dreams or a souvenir from vacay. And that extra 30 minutes of sleep? So. Refreshing.

You'll give your skin a rest
Taking a break fom the chemicals and creams will allow your pores to breathe, making your skin look more fresh naturally. It's as simple as that.

You won't have to worry about buying new shades of everything
As the summer months go on, your skin tone will be continuously changing from the summer sun. Not wearing makeup will save you from having to buy new shades of foundations constantly just to keep updating it to your current skin tone.

You'll prevent oily skin
Wearing makeup in the summer heat can make your skin extra oily because it's trying to breathe, but can't. Even if you're not sweating, you skin can start to look greasy with an unwanted shine. And if you are sweating...

Your makeup might not last
With the humid summer air and and general heat, rocking a full face is a risky move. Even with the best primers, foundations, setting powders and sprays, there's always a chance your makeup may cake or smudge.

What's your summer makeup vibe? Share in the comments!


by Keri Luise | 7/11/2018
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