The Time is Meow: Feline-inspired beauty products you need for fall

I’ve been a self-identified dog person my entire life—forever falling in puppy love with pugs and pit bulls and Labs and labradoodles; frequently freaking out over Frenchies; moved to tears by most mutts. But cats? Hard pass—I never saw the appeal in hairballs and hissing.

That all changed a few months ago when I had the opportunity to take a safari stroll with Sylvester, an orphaned, disabled cheetah living his best life at an animal sanctuary in Zimbabwe. While he’s a bit different than, say, the casual calico, this fierce feline was one of the most stunning creatures I’d ever laid eyes on IRL—and suddenly I understood the allure of a pretty kitty. (And why my boss, Karen—GL’s editor-in-chief—has a camera roll filled with thousands of almost-identical pictures of her own two whiskered wonders, Hampden and Harbor.)

Here’s the thing my walk on the wild side made me realize: There’s a reason that cat-eye liner is so classic (and why the skill it takes to apply it is so coveted). There’s a reason that leopard print, once garishly glam, is now a neutral. (No really, tell me something it doesn’t go with. I’ll wait.)

Cats, simply stated, are just so incredibly cool—there’s an undeniable It factor to these fur-covered forces that has made them an endless source of inspiration in the fashion and beauty world. Whether you’re in it for a more literal interpretation (aka those enchanting eyes) or the cuteness and kitsch factor (see: all the products below), channel those posh puss vibes with luxe lashes that accentuate your killer kitten liner (that’s a mini cat-eye, FYI), then stock up on kitty-covered essentials. Yep, you’re purrrrrrfect.


by Kelsey Haywood Lucas | 10/18/2018