5 daring makeup looks to try this season

With a holiday party nearly every weekend, the festive season is the perf time to get out of your makeup comfort zone and break out some bold colors. Here are some cute makeup looks from your favorite YouTubers created to get you into the spirit.

Jaclyn Hill's daring green eye

Copy Jaclyn Hill's fall look using olive and emerald shadows. These tones will help bring out your beautiful eyes no matter the color. 

Tanya Cheban's OTT combo

Check out how Tanya was able to pull off this bold look using affordable drugstore makeup. 

Alissa Ashley statement lip

The bolder the lip, the better! Alissa Ashley keeps her look simple and makes a statement with a beautiful dark lip. 

Tina Halada's smokey, spicy eyes


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Oranges, reds, and browns are in all the time, but especially dall and winter. This spicy smoked out eyeshadow will bring attention to your peepers, no doubt. 

Daisy Marquez's


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Daisy's look is an amaze mix of TK and TK

What's your go-to party look? Share in the comments!

Photo credit: Instagram/YouTube


by Ashley Bush | 11/30/2018
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