SPRING FLING: All the best beauty inspo you need this season

Luxe, loud looks ruled the runways this season—and we’re feeling especially inspired by the graphic designs, punchy palettes and unexpected pairings that emerged as top trends. Step outside your comfort zone with our six shockingly stunning favorites—bold, for sure, yet fiercely flattering and wildly wearable. Photos by Sean Scheidt.

out of line
From super straight swipes to swooping scribbles, linear looks—on eyes, lips, face, wherever—are a stroke of genius. (Pro tip: Simply dip a Q-tip in makeup remover to smooth any unkempt edges.)

blurry vision
Skip the precision pout, please: A light, smudgy stain is the most modern way to mouth off. “Use a fluffy brush to soften out the edges for that worn look,” says Paul Blanch, the pro MUA who created these looks. “Then, add dimension by running a darker shade along the corners using a pencil brush.”

daytime disco
Attention: It’s time to stock up on sparkles. Once relegated to traditionally gaudy-glam affairs (think: New Year’s Eve or Daisy Buchanan costumes), glitter has officially graduated to an everyday accessory. Paired with a dewy complexion, these golden flecks feel effortlessly fresh.

beyond the pale
Who says presh pastels can’t pop? Chalky hues are universally flattering—just be sure to snag a super saturated, creamy formula for that fierce effect. Top with matchy powder for extra punch and staying power.

shimmer & smoke
Magic gets made when two classics collide. Here, it’s the expertly mishmashed mix of subtle shimmer juxtaposed against neutral smoky shadows. Rarely paired—but the perfect new take on a hazy, glowy gaze.

chic splatter
For eyes worthy of their own art show, start by smattering a palette of your favorite shades—and don’t worry if it gets a bit messy. “I used cream colors, which won’t bleed into each other, and then dabbed with a blending sponge for that camo effect,” says Blanch. Welcome to that moment when “she’s a total Monet” suddenly becomes a compliment...

MAKEUP: Paul Blanch using MAC Cosmetics.
HAIR: Lucy Gedjeyan using Fatboy Hair.
STYLIST: Gary Wells.

A version of this story originally appeared in the April/May 2019 issue of Girls' Life magazine.


by Kelsey Haywood Lucas, PHOTOGRAPHED BY SEAN SCHEIDT | 5/15/2019
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