Your makeup bag *needs* these festive finds

Fall's great for so many reasons (pumpkin spice everything, gorgeous leaves, etc.!), and the changing season is also an excuse to update your beauty look. Girls' Life rounded up some sweet finds that'll make you thankful *and* get you ready for the official start of the holiday season. 

Gingerbread Eyeshadow Palette

This adorable eye shadow palette from Too Faced is almost good enough to eat! In fact, each of the 18 shades is scented, so you can dream of building the perfect gingerbread house while applying. 

Pumpkin Face Mask

If you're the girl who's always holding a Pumpkin Spice Latte, your face needs this creamy mask from Ulta. Wear it while cruising Netflix or Disney+ for the perfect holiday movies! 

Gingerbread Lipsticks

Want to try a darker lip shade this season? These Gingerbread Man and Woman lipsticks are cute conversation starters and your color will last all the way through your bestie's holiday party. Score!

Cocoa Powder Contour Palette

Craving hot chocolate on chilly afternoons lately? This contour palette is scented to smell like your fave chocolatey concoctions. Yum!

Frosted Berry Body Lotion

Hydrate your skin with this holiday-ready scent from Ulta and you'll have everyone counting the days until winter break. 

Are you putting any beauty products on your wish list?


by Je'Kayla Crawford | 11/17/2019