10 real girls wanted clear skin…here's what they tried

Figuring out how to get clear skin isn't always easy, amIright? It's tough to find the best affordable products, understand your unique skin type and commit to a routine—all while navigating typical stresses, busy sched and, you know, the rest of your life. 

That's why we handed these 10 real girls (and amaze Insta follows) Acne Free Convenience Kit featuring Adapalene Gel 15G and the 2-Step Hydrating System—and told them to give us their brutally honest opinions. If you’re *any* bit interested in having clear skin, we high-key recommend taking this quiz to pair up with one of our real girls (or just read below to find out which girl shares your biggest breakout bummer). Then follow her journey here (and on Insta) to see if Acne Free is right for you, too. 


You may recognize Erin Reese as Bess from Chicken Girls or from her amaze YouTube music vids. When it comes to Instagram, she loves connecting to her followers all over the world and passing on her message of kindness and positivity. 
Fun fact: "I absolutely love listening to music—especially from country artists like Carrie Underwood and Kelsea Ballerini." 
Biggest breakout bummer: "I get Insta comments saying how flawless my skin is, but that couldn't be further from the truth. I actually suffer from cystic acne, so I'm super excited to give my skin the love it deserves with Acne Free." 


Laura Krystine is super determined to make her dream of being an actress come true—and she's already killing the game. (You might recognize her from Nick's Sam & Cat and To The Beat!). So what's her favorite thing to watch? She's a Disney flick diehard.
Fun fact: "I have a pet Maltipoo and her name is Snowy. She's still a puppy—only a year and a half old—and I absolutely love her." 
Biggest breakout bummer: "I went through a pretty big breakout on my forehead last year. I cut out all makeup to try and clear it up!" 


On her Instagram, you can see Sadie showing her down-to-earth and hilarious personality. From school dances, to photoshoots, to funny vids with her sister Brynn, we are here for Sadie's authentic, laid-back vibe.
Fun fact: "I love spending time with my friends and family." 
Biggest breakout bummer: "My biggest skin struggles are with redness and clogged pores. My goal is natural, glowing skin. Though, hello, I think that's what every teen wants!" 


While some girls try to make themselves look as perfect as possible on social media, Tilly stays true to herself, posting candid pics and ultra-relatable YouTube vids. "I love that you can express yourself creatively, in any way you want," Tilly says of social media. "You can reach a huge audience and potentially make a difference in a positive way." Her favorite? "When I post something that brightens someone else's day." 
Fun fact: "I need to be comfortable. If an outfit or item of clothing isn't comfy, I won't wear it—no matter how cute and trendy it is." 
Biggest breakout bummer: "I hate all breakouts—especially on my face and back. I take skincare seriously, so I've developed really good habits. I always take off all my makeup—and wash my face at the end of the day. And, rain or shine, I apply SPF moisturizer every morning!" 


Lauren Paige's beauty vlogs and on-point style have helped her gain a following, but what keeps people hooked is her positive outlook and authentic charm.  "I'd say I'm hardworking, kind and optimistic," says Lauren. "I love to create content that shows my true personality." 
Fun fact: "My style is girly and retro. I'm currently obsessed with chunky sweaters and anything '90s." 
Biggest breakout bummer: "My skin sitch is totally unpredictable. One day, I'll wake up with a huge breakout. Another day, I'll have perfectly clear skin. A few months ago, I had a huge event and I was excited because my skin was totally clear—then woke up with a huge pimple on the tip of my nose! That's just the worst!!" 


A classically trained ballerina and self-taught hip hop dancer, Alana loves posting vids of her routines and sharing them with aspiring dancers all over the world. "It can be difficult balancing my education, working on my Instagram and pursuing dance, modeling and acting," Alana confesses. "But I love being able to engage with girls who have the same interests and aspirations as me."  
Fun fact: "I'd describe myself as genuine, goofy and passionate." 
Biggest breakout bummer: "One time, I tried a new face wash that all my friends hyped up—and it ended up leaving a chemical burn on my skin! I have very sensitive skin so it's tough to find products that aren't irritating." 


Gianna uses her Insta to show the world how she's pursuing her passions, from cheerleading to taking artsy pics (her aesthetic is #goals). "I love making YouTube videos! My dream is to work in photography or videography," she says. 
Fun fact: No surprise that Gianna watches a lot of TV and movies for inspo. "I'm obsessed with Grey's Anatomy and any of the Harry Potter movies." 
Biggest breakout bummer: "I tend to get redness in my cheeks and the occasional breakout on my forehead. My skin type ranges from being very oily to super dry—it's hard to know what products to try!" 


Katherine plays bass guitar, helps produce media vids for her school and loves her three adorable dogs—can we say *queen*? When it comes to her social media, Katherine loves to keep it real—"It's less about trying to get likes and more about finding a community." 
Fun fact: "I'd love to travel to Europe one day and just explore. Dallas, where I live, doesn't really have any older architecture, so seeing such a range of culture and history sounds amazing."  
Biggest breakout bummer: "I am awful at sticking to a routine. Most of my skincare issues are my own fault. I've never been able to find a product that helps with deeper or more painful pimples." 


Despite Hannah's fast-paced schedule, she loves to take time to kick back and enjoy nature. "Hiking and camping are definitely experiences that connect you to yourself." Someday, Hannah hopes to become a teacher. "I love learning and helping others understand—I want to make a change and be happy doing my job." 
Fun fact: "I've moved eight times in my life due to my mom's job, and lived overseas for half my life. The coolest place I've lived is definitely Australia!" 
Biggest breakout bummer: "My skin is so sensitive to everything: Diet, stress, new environment, all of it. I'll just break out and the acne will persist until I've adjusted to the change. It makes it super hard to find a skincare routine that actually works consistently." 


From music to modeling, Delaney is constantly on the go. She plays three instruments: piano, ukelele and acoustic guitar—and loves to sing and perform. "My dream is to inspire as many people as possible to do what they love," she says.
Fun fact: Delaney is a total sneakerhead: "You can always find me wearing my black Vans." 
Biggest breakout bummer: "When I was younger, I used to struggle with bad acne. I started a routine of washing my face daily and eating healthy—and that really helped my skin start to clear up. I think what you eat affects how you look and feel but you have to have the best products, too. Excited to take the next step in my clear skin journey," 

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by GL | 11/22/2019