Are you doing *this* key skincare step wrong?

Let's talk pores. You hear about them in YouTube videos or on the label of your skincare products—but you're not *exactly* sure what they are, what they do and (most importantly) how to keep them unclogged and clean for clear skin. 

We're breaking down this essential step in *any* girl's skincare regimen, plus tips and tricks on how to separate pore fact from fiction—and go from frustrated to fresh-faced in no time. 

Step 1: Know your skin science.

Here's the deal: Pores are a normal, natural part of your skin. There's not a lot you can control about whether your pores are larger or smaller—that comes down to genetics. However, you *can* make sure that your pores stay clean...and that you don't take on bad habits in an effort to shrink them. 

Step 2: Create a pore-cleansing routine. 

Even with a busy lifestyle, it's important to find a quick and comfortable skincare routine that you can work into your daily schedule. Start by washing your face twice a day with warm water and a gentle cleanser (no bar soap, and no harsh ingredients like benzoyl peroxide and alpha hydroxy acids, or AHAs). 

Step 3: Unclog pores. 

Once you've got a routine going, now's the time to focus on unclogging problem areas. Some good ideas? Try a face mask, take a steamy shower or exfoliate once a week. 

Step 4: Avoid bad habits (and keep up the good ones!). 

Pore strips claiming to eliminate problem areas in a matter of minutes? Don't believe it. Harsh chemical products only serve to irritate your skin even more, while sticking to a consistent routine will soothe and clear your face over time. Looking to conceal pores when you're wearing makeup? A hydrating primer will do the trick. 

How do you unclog your pores? Comment below!


by Katherine Hammer | 3/3/2020