5 no-heat ways to curl your hair like a pro

Curling irons can be a huge pain to use (hello, ouch-y burns!), plus they can totally damage your hair and cause breakage nobody wants. Check out these hacks to curl your hair like a salon pro without using heat!

The bathrobe tie

This hack is a lazy girl's dream—all you need is the tie for your bathrobe! Check out the technique in the video above and you'll have long-lasting, beautiful curls. 

Hair rollers

This YouTuber broke down the steps to get tight curls with Primark rollers and the results are awesome.

The sleep-in braid

Loose waves are so hard to perfect, but with this easy braid tutorial you'll wake up looking like you just came from a day at the beach. 

Straw curls

For super-cute ringlet curls, try this outside-the-box solution: straws! This technique requires a few hours of "set time," but the results mare major.

Headband waves

For this easy hack all you need is a headband. It takes less than ten minutes to execute and will have all your friends wondering how you did it. 


by Olivia Celiberti | 6/16/2020