How to sun, surf and sand-proof your hair

You may be craving some fun in the sun after being stuck in quarantine, but before getting immersed in the new season, consider what may be lingering beneath the surface: serious damage to your strands. Your mane has the potential to be exposed to harsh UV rays, excess chlorine and sand particles, rendering it in need of extra attention during the coming months. Don't know where to start? Check out our guide on how to sun, surf, and sand-proof your hair so that your locks remain safe and strong.

How to sun-proof your hair...


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It may seem natural to soak in rays this season, but be cautious of just how much sun exposure you're getting. "The sun can act like bleach on your hair. It damages the outer layer, leading to discoloration, frizziness and split ends," explains Amy Akiva, Master Hairstylist at New York's Prince + Broad Salon. Blondes especially need to beware, as bright rays can bring out yellow and brassy tones. "Use a purple shampoo and conditioner to counteract the damage," says Akiva. "My favorite is Kevin Murphy Blonde Angel Wash. It's highly pigmented and can tone unwanted coloring. For light toning, use the purple shampoo. For more stubborn yellow tones, try the purple conditioner and leave it on your hair for a few minutes before rinsing." Although taking care of your tresses indoors is vital, it's equally important to protect your mane when outside; to beat harsh sunlight, use hair products that contain sunscreen or a UV protectant primer spray. "I love Bumble & Bumble Invisible Oil Heat/UV Protective Primer," says Gwen Nguyen, Senior Stylist at Suki's Salons. "On the other hand, Kerastase Soleil CC Cream is a leave-in conditioner that provides a bit more heavy-duty moisture." Akiva prefers Phyto Plage Protective Sun Veil: "Cover your hair in the product, then twist it into a top knot or low bun. That way, very little hair is getting exposed to the sun," she suggests.

How to surf-proof your hair...


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Salt water not only causes color to fade, as it opens up the hair cuticle, but it also pulls H20 out of your mane, leaving your locks dry and dehydrated. "You should wet your hair with clean water before going in a chlorinated pool or the ocean," Akiva suggests. "Hair is like a sponge and will absorb less if it's already wet when you enter the water. You can also coat the hair with a conditioner or mask to increase moisture." Keeping chlorine and salt in your strands for an extended period worsens the damage, so it's crucial to rinse your tresses as soon as you get out of the water as well. "Before you wet them, hold the ends of your strands up so the shampoo doesn't run over the bottom," urges Akiva. "Put shampoo on your fingertips, and rub it at your roots. Then, take conditioner and put it halfway down the hair shaft to the ends. This technique will keep the bottom of your hair looking healthy while eliminating oily roots." Her number-one product recommendation for salty strands: dpHUE Color Fresh Shampoo and Color Fresh Conditioner, which remove impurities and restore vitality upon just one wash. The brand produces an apple cider vinegar rinse as well, ideal for cleansing the hair and scalp between shampoos.

How to sand-proof your hair...


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Lounging in the sand has the potential to leave loads of residue in your strands. However, before trying to remove each particle, wait until they dry. "It's a lot easier to withdraw dry, not wet sand from your hair," says Akiva. "Start by flipping your head over and shaking your hair with your hands. Then, use a fine-tooth comb and comb your hair starting at the roots." If the sand is still stuck, Akiva recommends reaching for baby powder, making sure to especially apply it to the scalp. In the evening, certain shower products also help to repair the ruin. "If you find there's buildup and brittleness from sand grit, try using Bumble & Bumble Sunday Clarifying Shampoo, which will deep cleanse your tresses," says Nguyen. "Follow up with Kerastase Nutritive Masque Magistral Hair Conditioner, a nourishing mask that you leave on for 5-10 minutes. Finish off by putting a few drops of oil on the ends of your hair—my favorite is Shu Uemura Essence Absolue Nourishing Hair Oil." Effortless strands with no signs of damage? Consider your summer hair goals achieved.

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by Carrie Berk | 5/6/2020