Sick of the drama in the beauty community? We found 10 new accounts for you to follow

The beauty community can be toxic—as we've learned from some of our favorite beauty gurus on Youtube. So it didn't catch us by surprise when beef started up between Shane Dawson, Jeffree Star, Tati Westbrook and James Charles. It's hard to even remember what the drama is about because new information is constantly being posted.

The last we heard, Tati feels that Shane and Jeffree manipulated her into making the Bye Sister video last year which insulted and accused James of various *horrible* things. This video along with Jeffrees video titled Never doing this again turned the whole beauty community against James Charles, causing him to lose a bunch of subscribers. Then James *clapped back* with his No more lies video proving all the beauty gurus wrong! Tati has since deleted the video and ironically uploaded a new one titled BREAKING MY SILENCE where she apologized to James for saying those horrible things Shane and Jeffree claimed to be true about him. Everyone was *shook*! Neither Jeffree nor James has come out with statements or videos addressing Tatis recent 40-minute video, or the situation as a whole. 

If you're just as sick of the ups and downs as we are, dive into these 10 accounts to get the beauty tutorials, hacks and reviews that you *love* watching so much—hold the drama.

 Nyma Tang


Nyma Tangs Youtube channel really started growing after her *hit* series The Darkest Shade. In this series, Nyma brings her subscribers along with her on the journey exploring a bunch of different brands and what they consider to be their "darkest shade" of foundation. Nymas subscribers get to see how well each brands "darkest shade" matches and works with Nymas skin. If you've watched any of Nymas videos you'll know that there is a lot more to her than her beauty reviews. Nyma prides herself on using her Youtube channel to help dark-skinned women like herself feel included, and to help people develop a better understanding of dark-skinned women, not just in the Youtube beauty community, but in the world. 

Haley Wight


Haley Wight, also known as cosmobyhaley is a smaller beauty channel on Youtube. She keeps herself and her channel out of the drama, focusing on what she loves most: makeup! If you're not already subscribed to Haley on Youtube you should go check out her channel, where you'll find makeup tutorials ranging from "glam corpse bride" to a simple smokey eye tutorial.

However, her channel doesn't *only* have makeup tutorials, it also has fun videos where you can get to know Haley and who she is as a person. Such as her various *fun* Get ready with me videos where Haley answers burning questions from her subscribers. She also posts organization videos where her subscribers can get inspo on how to organize their bedrooms and makeup drawers. 

Ashley Strong 


Ashley Strong has become a new fan favorite after taking home the $50,000 grand prize on Season one of Instant Influencer. Ashley showed off her *exquisite* makeup skills right off the bat in episode one of the series. Ashley has proven to be the *kween* of all things eyeshadow, you name it she can draw it. On her channel she gives amazing eye makeup tutorials for special holiday looks, Euphoria looks and even reviews palettes for her subscribers from different brands. Since TikTok has become all the rage Ashley has enjoyed posting some of her *fab* eye make up techniques on her account.



Valentina is the master of all things beauty hacks. If you're not already following her on TikTok you should definitely go follow her now because you're missing out. Don't worry if you're not super into makeup, that's not the only topic she shares her savvy secrets about. Valentina has done TikTok videos on how to do Billie Eilish's iconic space buns, super easy tie-dye nails and a video on how to line your lips like Addison Rae. What separates Valentina from other beauty creators is that Valentina doesn't focus on just makeup, she teachers her follower's tips and tricks about all aspects of the beauty world. 

Arnell Armon


Arnell Armon has over 700k devoted subscribers who turn to her for all of their hair and makeup advice. She is mainly famous for her hair and wig tutorials. Arnell has so much fun copying wigs and hairstyles that famous celebrities have worn such as Nicki Minaj, Billie Eilish and Rihanna. Other amazing hit videos that Arnell has made are about feminine hygiene, nighttime routines, and try on hauls from popular stores like Pretty Little Thing. So if you tune into Arnell's channel of course you'll be seeing fun hair and makeup videos, but you'll also be hearing her talk *real* girl talk. Where she gives advice to her subscribers as if they're her younger sisters on hygiene and body positivity which is super cool!

Maddie Ziegler 


If you're an OG Dance Moms fan you've definitely heard of Maddie Ziegler. While she still adores and looks back on her dancing days where she was decked out in stage makeup instructed by Miss Abby. She has now decided to dip her toe into the beauty world and make her a palette of her own without Miss Abby's approval. Maddie makeup collab: Morphe X Maddie Ziegler The Imagination Pallete is amazing! Maddie learned makeup at such a young age on Dance Moms, and we're so happy she has channeled her talent into this palette. We constantly see IG photos of Maddies' gorg makeup looks. Finally, we can start making them at home ourselves with her pallette. We absolutely *love* the tutorials she has put out, and cannot wait to start following them!

Sophia Grace 


Sophia Grace has had a major *glow up* since we first saw her on the Ellen Show back when she was 8 years old singing Superbass by Nicki Minaj with her cousin Rosie. Since then she has turned into a successful woman of her own. Developing quite a following by creating makeup routine and makeup tutorial videos on her Youtube channel. Sophia showcases her British touch to her makeup tutorials and fab taste in selecting products. I think we can all learn a little something from Sophia. Especially from her 5-minute school makeup look video

Victoria Lyn


Victoria lyn is all about makeup and healthy skin. She is *so* dedicated to her followers that she has gone as far as creating her very own website. On her website, she has all the products she recommends in her videos, and the products she lives by. Her most popular videos are definitely her TikToks. However, she also has an active Youtube account where she *loves* sharing her “current” makeup routine or her “current" skincare routine. Sharing with her subscribers which products she uses, and how she uses them in a step by step video. 

Iris Beilin


This influencer does everything her subscriber's request. You know for a fact from the moment you click on her channel that her content is all about her *subscribers*. She is such a down to earth genuine guru, who *loves* her career. She does videos about topics regarding beauty that girls of all ages are dying to know about. Such as, how to get rid of blackheads, Makeup dos, and don'ts, and if Kardashian beauty products are really as good as they say they are. 

Daisey Marquez 


Daisey Marquez has been gaining lots more popularity in the past year making her someone Gl recommends you start following to get that *no drama* makeup content on your feed. Daisey is only 19 years old and she is *slaying* the beauty world. Not only does Daisey love beauty, but this girl has a keen eye for fashion as well. She's been doing fun fashion videos like one called Mom rates my quarantine outfits. We highly recommend you checking her out!

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by Hayley Miller | 7/17/2020