5 ways to keep your nails strong this summer

Everyone always talks about all the tips and tricks for taking care of your hair and skin, but what about your nails? Beside applying some polish or going to the salon for a refreshing mani-pedi, how can you maintain healthy hands and feet? We asked professional Leslie Willams, CEO of natural nail care brand WooMeBeauty, how you can buff that healthy shine into nails this summer. Here's what we learned. 

Moisturize nails and cuticles 


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"Summer time actually seems to be the time when your nails are naturally the healthiest because they are exposed to more moisture compared to the drying winter months that cause cracking skin and brittle nails," says Willams. However, with Covid-19 safe practices implemented in our daily lives, our nails are losing some of its natural oils from frequent hand washing. Willams suggest using a vegan cuticle oil that is free of toxic chemicals to keep cuticles hydrated and help strengthen and grow your nails at least twice a day.

Use the proper tools 


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"Never use your nails as tools. All it does is cause more breakage," Willams advises. "For each tool you do use, make sure you clean it after every use to prevent bacterial infections."

A glass nail file is a true asset to have in your nail kit. As opposed to regular nail files, glass nail files can be easily cleaned with hot water, protect the protein Keratin in your nails and leave them shining brighter than ever. Perfect for when you want to pose with your delicious homemade smoothie for your Insta. 

Master the DIY manicure 


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Keep it simple. When your local salon isn't available, stick to your most trusted products. "With clean and hydrated hands, sometimes just going over your nails with a clear topcoat can do wonders to keep your nails strong and looking presentable until your next professional appointment," Willams says. Beware of over filing or cutting around your nails too much, causing more harm than good. If any part of the process starts to feel painful, that's an indicator for you to stop immediately.

Give your nails a break


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We all love getting those colorful full sets and intricate designs to represent all the things we love about summer, but it's important to give our nails the time they need to recuperate from any type of chemicals or glue they have endured. "The best thing to do after taking off a heavy manicure is taking a week or so to simply rehydrate and strengthen with a serum containing nurturing ingredients."


by Cassandra R Lopez | 7/13/2020