Why you should spritz on the perfume (even at home)


Before the pandemic, spritzing on my fave perfume was a solid part of my morning routine. I walked through a fruity mist and came out smelling just pineappley enough for the classroom. Then the shutdown happened, and I didn't feel the need to smell like a tropical paradise during Zoom classes. But it turns out I should've kept up the routine—a splash of perfume has way more bennies than just making you smell good. Scroll on to learn the lesser-known benefits of our favorite fragrances.

Raising your confidence


Who doesn't feel runway-ready when they walk out of Bath & Body Works? It's not all in your head—your signature scent plays a key role in raising your confidence level. You see, your sense of smell has a powerful connection to your memory. If you associate a scent with a good moment in your life like winning a big game or going on your first date with bae, you'll get those same good vibes each time you smell it.

You can also harness this power in the classroom. Spray a unique scent in your room while studying and dab it on your wrists before a test to help recall your latest cram sesh.

Boosting your mood


That's right: sniffing the right scent can lift your mood in seconds. Citrus notes invigorate, while bakery smells like vanilla give a sense of comfort, according to master perfumer Roja Dove.

The next time you're sampling scents, focus on the way they make you feel. Maybe a hint of coconut gives you the energy to hit the gym, while a whiff of lavender calms you down. Whatever the mood, tuning in to the effects of each scent can help you use them right.

Saving your sleep


The National Sleep Foundation lists four fragrances that can help you ease your way into sleep: lavender, vanilla, valerian, and jasmine. If you're tossing and turning in bed, consider dabbing one of these scents on your pjs or pillow.

For those that are really struggling to sleep, you can use the memory hack we mentioned earlier to try and build an association between a certain scent and sleep.

Easing your worries


There haven't been many studies on the effects of aromatherapy, but according to the Mayo Clinic, a few of them have pointed to benefits such as relief from anxiety and depression. While obviously no substitute for therapy, medication, or a doctor's opinion, aromatherapy is a nice form of self-care to integrate into your routine. 

Find your fave perfume and spray it before a meditation sesh. Or, add a splash to your next bubble bath. Scents you find calming can add a therapeutic element to any kind of rest and relaxation. Even if you don't believe in aromatherapy, you'll reap the benefits of smelling good.

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Slider Image: Pexels/Valeria Boltneva


by Bailey Bujnosek | 8/16/2020