These hair tutorials are perfect for the start of fall


A new season means new hairstyles, from trendy braids to luxurious curls. But seeing a cute pic of a hairdo on your explore feed doesn't give you any info on how to recreate the latest look. The solution: hair tutorials, where experts and regular teens break down how to achieve your #hairgoals. We've gathered some of our favorite tutorials from around the web to help you look fabulous all Autumn long.

The crown braid

Also known as a halo braid, or, when layered, a milkmaid braid, the crown braid is an easy way to add chicness to your hair. Leave the rest of your hair out, curl it, or tuck it in a bun. It works on all hair lengths and it never goes out of style.


The messy ponytail

Like a regular ponytail, but with the TikTok-famous pulled-out fringe strands to frame your face. As seen on basically every celeb and influencer, this pony stands out from the crowd. If your hair is super-long, try curling the leftover strands so they don't hang too low.


The DNA braid

This science-inspired braid takes some practice, but once you've got it down, it's easy. The way you weave the strands makes it spiral like the double-helix structure of DNA. Rock it to your next Zoom class or socially-distanced hangout and prepare to turn heads.


Bouncy curls

Who can say no to a little extra volume—especially when it comes in the form of these dreamy bouncy curls? Summer heat and humidity are a downer for heat-based styles, making looks like these perfect for Fall and Winter. Just ask a parent or sib for help if you're not super-comfy with the curling iron.


Merged fishtail braids

The fishtail braid had its moment a few years ago, but this update brings it back in the spotlight. Using lace braiding techniques (and plenty of hairpins), you can recreate this intricate-looking style on yourself—though it might be easier to do on someone else first.


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Slider Image: Suvi Huttunen/Instagram


by Bailey Bujnosek | 9/25/2020