From lipsticks to liners, here's how to perfectly plump up your pout


With Valentine's Day coming around quickly it's time to pull out your best lipstick game. Below are some tips n' tricks that'll teach you just how to plump up your lips along with the best lipsticks to make Cupid happy on Valentine's Day date night. Or to treat yourself to a glam night for one!

Avoiding the teeth


One of the most embarrassing things a girl can experience is getting her *gorg* pink lipstick on her teeth during Valentine's day dinner with the BF or the GF. To avoid this, it's extra important to blot your lips before you leave for your date, and if you want to be super it again, but with a tissue. 

Staying in the lines 


An important thing to do when you're applying lipstick is to open your mouth and color in the lines just like you would with a coloring book. This will avoid any extra lipstick getting on your face that could possibly mess up the shape of your lips. 

Finding the right color


There's an *infinite* amount of shades out there when it comes to lipsticks. Something to look out for when hunting for the right shade is the hue your skin has. This is because the undertones of your skin tend to go better with specific lip shades. Bright red shades tend to match nicely with warm undertones, whereas the best lipsticks for cool undertones are ones with blue and purple undertones. There are so many colors out there, so if you're ever feeling bold, try experimenting with other colors and do what makes you feel best! 

GL's *fave* sticks for Valentines Day date night 

Rouge Volupté shine collector 

This sweet baby pink shade is the perfect color to bring in the V-day spirit while also keeping it casual. You can really never go wrong with a classic pink lipstick. Bergdorf Goodman, $38

Lancôme L'Absolu Rouge 

Just based on the packaging, you already know this Lancôme lipstick is the one you have to be wearing for Valentine's Day. The heart-shaped stick *screams* Cupid!  HSN, $32

Kylie Cosmetics Valentine matte lip kit

Kylie is obviously the queen when it comes to all things lips and liners. So if you're looking for your lips to look rich and red, this Valentine-themed lip kit is *def* the way to go. Kylie Cosmetics, $15

MAC Love Me lipstick


The MAC Love Me lipstick in shade La Femme will make your lips pop and plump even if you're Zooming. The shade stands out no matter what! Bloomingdales, $21

Which of these lovely shades will you be applying with our lipstick tips on Valentine's Day? Let us know by tagging @girlslifemag!


Slider image: Madison Beer/Instagram. Source: Byrdie

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by Hayley Miller | 2/5/2021