How to find the right red lipstick for you

Nothing says glam quite like finishing off a *fab* outfit with a bold red lip. Though it can be intimidating, red lipstick is totally wearable and never goes out of style. There are *tons* of different shades of red out there, from a more orangey rustic shade to a true fire-engine red. The key is to find the most flattering shade of red for you and to rock it with confidence. Here's how to make sure you are looking your absolute best during your next glam occasion! 

First step? Find your undertone.

You might have heard the term "undertones" thrown around on a beauty guru's channel when discussing makeup shades, but it can be tricky to figure out just what those are and how to figure out yours.

The undertones of your skin are the red, yellow, or blue shades that contribute to your overall complexion. According to L'OFFICIEL, you can actually figure out your undertones pretty easily and use them as a starting point for selecting makeup products like foundation and lipstick that will complement you.

If you burn in the sun, for example, you probably have cooler (blue) undertones while you have warmer (red) undertones if you tan easily. Additionally, if your veins appear more blue or purple you probably have cooler undertones while if they appear green you have warmer undertones. 

Best shades for fair skin with cooler undertones 

image: Nars

If you have more fair skin and cooler undertones, a lipstick with a blue or pink base will be most flattering for you. Try a raspberry red shade next time you are at your local Ulta, like Nars' "Gipsy" matte lipstick. Ulta, $26.

Best shades for fair skin with neutral undertones 

Image: Kylie Cosmetics

If you can't get a strong sense of which color undertones you have, you are probably neutral! You may have a fair to light complexion and should try an orangey-red lipstick like "Dazzle" by Kylie Cosmetics. This liquid lip has a velvety texture that is comfortable to wear and will last all day long! Ulta, $27.

Best shades for medium skin with warmer undertones 

Image: Ulta

If your skin fluctuates between tanning super easily in the summer and getting a lot paler in the winter, you should try a bright red shade that compliments your peach and yellow undertones. Keep it classic with a MAC lipstick in the shade "Mangrove." Ulta, $19. 

Best shades for olive skin with warmer undertones 

Image: Ulta

Do you have a natural tan all year long? Olive skin tones usually correspond with warm yellow undertones. Your *perf* life shade is a rustier brick red that will set off your tan. The "Brick" liquid lip by Dose of Colors may be your next go-to product! Ulta, $13.

Best shades for deep complexions with warmer undertones 

Image: Ulta 

With dark skin tones, brighter pops of color are *super* fun and flattering! Try something with more of an orange tint to it or a firey pure red to really make a statement! "Prissy" by Too Faced is a fun orangey-red that will make you look *fire.* Ulta, $22. 

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by Lexi Casazza | 2/11/2021