4 simple product hacks to banish your beauty woes

While some beauty problems won't be solved with a single product (hello, skin that's somehow dry while being oily!) but there's lots that can. These four products will fix some of your biggest beauty dilemmas. 

Problem: Shaving your legs is such a drag, and it rarely leaves you feeling 100% smooth
Solution: Painless sugar waxing

Sugar Sugar, $36
Instead of get an unsatisfying shave with razors, use Sugar Sugar's reusable and eco-friendly sugar wax, which gives a pain-free hair removal experience. 

Problem: Whenever you try to apply lip gloss, all it does is shows how chapped your lips are
Solution: Smoothing and hydrating lip scrub

Sephora, $16

This lip scrub not only exfoliates your lips, but the easy-to-use applicator ensures that there won't be a mess.

Problem: The warmer weather is making your hair totally frizz out
Solution: A lightweight, smoothing hair deep conditioner

Sephora, $18
A deep conditioner/hair mask multitasker like this one from Verb will help your hair fight humidity.

Problem: While wearing a mask is keeping you (and others!) safe, it's also giving you major maskne
Solution: A breakout-killing sheet mask

The Aftermask, $9
This sheet mask gives your chin some must needed TLC after wearing a mask all day, and leaves it clean and refreshed. 
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Slider Image: Kalos Skincare on Unsplash | Wax: Sugar Sugar | Lip scrub: Sephora | Hair mask: Sephora | Face mask: The Aftermask | All GIFs via GIPHY


by Serena Sherwood | 5/1/2021