We ranked CoverGirl’s most popular mascaras so you don’t have to


Picture this: you just ran out of your all-time fave CoverGirl mascara and you're stoked to try something new. You head to Target with high hopes and a pocket full of change, only to panic when you realize that a very important decision lies ahead of you: which mascara do I choose? 

Standing in front of a makeup display having *no idea* what to buy can be overwhelming, so what do you do? Buy none of them? Buy all of them? Check the internet and hope *someone* already did that for you?

Well, if you fall into the ladder category, you're in luck—because that is exactly what we did. Keep reading to find out which CoverGirl mascara reigns supreme.

We heart that CoverGirl has so many options, but picking a fave was no easy task. Luckily, all of these products got the job done, so we give CoverGirl two thumbs up (esp now that they're *totally* cruelty free!)

The rankings are in....

#5: Professional Remarkable

Coming in at number five is CoverGirl's Professional Remarkable mascara. This mascara is perfect if you're going for a natural daytime look, but doesn't do much in the volumizing or lengthening departments. The Professional Remarkable mascara also did not pass the smudge test, so make sure you're not planning on watching the notebook before you swipe this product on.

#4: Lash Blast Full Bloom

Get this—the CoverGirl Full Bloom mascara is formulated in beeswax to create a soft, subtle look. This mascara probably won't create the long, dramatic lashes of your dreams, but its a solid option for the days you want to spice up your bare face. This mascara is known to run, so keep that in mind before purchasing it. If you want to feel light and airy when you hit the town, the Full Bloom mascara might be perfect for you.

#3: Clump Crusher

Are you so over your mascara clumping and looking like spider legs? Yeah, us too. With a double-sided curved brush and a 20x volume-boosting formula, this mascara is perfect for a natural, clump-free look. Be warned: this is not the mascara for people with short lashes because it doesn't contain the same lengthening formula that other products do (bummer)! That being said, we *totally* recommend this mascara for people with long lashes who want to accentuate their eyes even more.

#2: Lash Blast Fusion:

The Lash Blast Fusion mascara used to come in two formulas—volume and length—but with both products rolled into one, the Lash Blast Fusion mascara is easily the most impressive if you're going for bold, dramatic lashes. This mascara is the perfect pick for anyone who wants the falsies look without having to wear falsies. (Bonus: There is also a waterproof version.)


#1: Lash Blast Volume:

WOW! What can we say, this mascara really knows how to do its job. Even though this mascara is known as the most "basic" CoverGirl mascara, it combines the lengthening, clump-crushing and volumizing properties of the brand's other best mascaras. This mascara is perfect for anyone who wants their mascara to look picture-perfect from sunrise to sunset (ooo, and it passes the smudge test)! Gotta love the OG.

That feeling when you run out of your fave mascara: 😫😫

That feeling when you realize you get to buy a new one: 🤠🤠

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by Claire Hutto | 5/11/2021