Your ultimate guide to the soap brows trend

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I don't know about you, but we've been *loving* a full, fluffy brow look lately. The perfect product to help achieve this look? Suprise, its bar soap. Let's break down this year's latest eyebrow look, AKA the "soap brows" trend. 

What exactly are soap brows? Soap brows are used to describe an eyebrow grooming technique that leaves your brows looking natural yet fluffy, and as the name implies, involves using an eyebrow spoolie and bar soap to give your brows a feathery effect. Using soap to style your eyebrows also gives them more hold than if you were to use regular eyebrow gel (bonus!). 

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Want to perfect the soap brow look? It's as easy as it sounds. Simply spray a clean eyebrow spoolie and your bar of soap (you can use either water or setting spray to give your brows extra hold) and thoroughly cover the spoolie in soap. Then you're going to brush your brow hairs up and style them the way you like! Once you've finished styling, you can also choose to fill in your brows if you want to add an extra bit of fullness to your look.  


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When finding the right product to use for this look, make sure to search for soap that contains glycerin — its low pH levels prevents any possible irritation, which is *super* important when considering putting any product on your face. 

Soap brows are not only super simple to achieve, this technique also does a solid job at holding and maintaining the look for hours, so prepare to flaunt your *fab* soap brows all day! 

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by Maya Camu | 6/7/2021