These are the must-have hair accessories for fall


Wondering how to step up your hairstyle game this fall? Cute and trendy hair accessories are just what you need. The right clip, headband, or hat can elevate your whole outfit—not to mention disguising a bad hair day in a pinch. From the claw clips and bucket hats you’ve been seeing all over your Explore page to the perf hair ties for back-to-school, these are the must-have hair accessories for fall.

A Claw Clip


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No need to heat, spray, and pin to get a chic claw clip updo. Simply twirl your hair into a rope, hold it against the back of your head, and clip it into place. The effortless 90s look is perfect for grabbing coffee with a friend or attending the school play with your crush.

A Velvet Headband

Because your regular plastic headband isn’t quite extra enough. A velvet headband like the one in the pic above brings a unique, hair-friendly texture to any ‘do. Great for keeping your hair out of your eyes *and* making a major fashion statement.

Multi-colored Hair Ties

We thought the bubble ponytail couldn’t get any better—then this look was created. Wear the rainbow on your hair with multi-colored hair ties like in this look for Scunci. Want to go even bolder? Use scrunchies instead of hair elastics for a truly over-the-top hairstyle.

A Bucket Hat

It was the hat of the summer. Make the trend work for fall by switching up the material of your hat. Instead of summery felt or corduroy, search for a hat like the one above that’s made from thick plush material. Everyone will want to know where you got it.

A Headscarf


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Windy autumn days are no match for a secured and stylish headscarf. A headscarf is versatile—use one to dress down a fancy outfit or add flair to your typical jeans-and-sweater combo. Bonus points if you match your scarf to your top like the girl in the above pic.

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by Bailey Bujnosek | 9/15/2021