6 BTS hair ideas you *need* to try this fall

These looks are the breezy BTS inspiration you (and everyone else you admire) will be saving all year. Oh, and they're *so* easy to do.

Face-framing braids


Why we love it: "This trend is super simple, but it looks like you tried," says hairstylist Laura Polko. Basically, it's the perfect go-to look when you have about five minutes to get ready and out the door but still want to look put-together.

How to get it: Part your hair in the center and section off a half-inch on either side, instructs stylist Lee Stafford. Braid each section down to the ends and secure it with a clear elastic. Keep your hair sleek by adding a styling cream as you braid. Polko loves the Sun Bum Curls & Waves Styling Cream ($15). If you've already got braids, it's as simple as pulling your hair back and keeping one to two plaits out of your pony.

Super fun bun


Why we love it: Buns can look really effortless and undone or totally sleek and chic. These looks mix the high-fashion, slicked-back style with the easy-going vibe you get when the ends of your hair peek out. (Yep, it's the best of both worlds.)

How to get it: The key to making your bun look on point but not too polished? "Don't look in the mirror when you're pulling it back," says Stafford. "Once your bun is in place, you can adjust it by pulling strands out for a texturized, edgy look—or tucking pieces away with hairpins." Keep the flyaways in check by misting a frizz-fighting spray like Lee Stafford Anti-Humidity Spray ($11) all over.

All the bling

Allysa Breanne by @justinemarjan

Why we love it: Yes, yes, you should add a little sparkle to your homecoming look. It instantly elevates everything from breezy waves to a sleek updo.

How to get it: "First, decide what kind of bling you want," Polko says. A glittery headband? Bejeweled bobby pins? Metallic hair beads? All of the above? "Next, choose which side of the face you want to highlight. Or, if you're doing a middle part, make sure your accessories are symmetrical," explains Polko. Add your jewels...and you're pretty much done. Try Kitsch Micro Stackable Snap Clips Seven-Pieces Set in Gold ($12) and Icing Silver Rhinestone Halo Hair Spinners ($10).

Funky chunky bangs


Why we love it: Last year was all about the curtain bangs. And if you loved those, well, they were just a stepping-stone to this bolder version. "Now, all the early 2000s trends are coming back," says Polko. And that includes heavier, brow-skimming fringe.

How to get it: Post-cut, add styling cream to damp hair and dry (we like the T3 Featherweight 3i Hair Dryer, $99) while directing the airflow downward, using your fingers to comb through your hair, moving your bangs back and forth as you go. "This will give them a little natural texture," says Polko. If you have oily skin, preemptively spray some dry shampoo into your bangs to soak up moisture so they don't stick to your forehead.

Post-summer shag


Why we love it: If you're looking to chop off some inches *and* debut an entirely new look—this is it! "The shag gives your bangs and hair a layered and choppy effect, which can look great on anyone," Stafford tells us.

How to get it: When you're in between cuts, a shag cut can help with your grow-out and give you an edgy, laidback feel. "Bring your stylist a photo of what you're looking for," says Polko. "But remember, the way they choose to cut this style is so specific to your hair." (Meaning it's always going to be one-of-a-kind!) Enhance your natural texture with Amika Un.done Volume and Matte Texture Spray ($10).

Pretty preppy accessories


Why we love it: Even if you don't wear a uniform to school, Gossip Girl-esque preppy accessories are exactly on trend. Think of your favorite headband as your crown. It's time to leave summer behind and rule the school (but, like, in a really nice way, ya know?).

How to get it: "Just throw one on if you're feeling tired and lazy or if you didn't wash your hair the night before. It's an easy way to look polished," says Polko. A pony + bow or long locks with a headband or clips = surefire chicness. We love INC Gold-Tone Bead & Imitation Pearl Cluster Headband ($35) and Kristin Ess Velvet Bow Slide Burgundy ($14).

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by Erin Reimel | 8/25/2021