The *ultimate* guide to wearing glasses with makeup

Got glasses? You shouldn't have to choose between experimenting with eyeshadow and being able to see. May we present our tips and tricks on how to wear your fave makeup lewks—without your frames getting in the way.

Go light on the base 

A little goes a long way when it comes to foundation and concealer. A light application around your nose and temples can help prevent your glasses from getting covered in makeup.

Don't forget to set


Nothing is worse than getting a smudge of eyeshadow in the middle of your lens, amiright? A mist of setting spray or a dusting of translucent powder will ensure your makeup stays on your face—where it belongs.

Minimize your mascara

We love a long lash moment, but wet mascara and glasses just don't mix. Opt for a shorter, fuller mascara look, and make sure to give your lashes plenty of time to dry before throwing on your glasses.

Go for a bold brow


Although your glasses are absolutely adorable, you don't want your pretty face getting lost in the crowd. A strong, full brow will complement your glasses and highlight your features.

Use a makeup mirror

Colourpop Barbie Hand Mirror | $10

We can all agree that being able to see your face clearly makes it a lot easier to perfect your makeup look. Getting a cute handheld mirror or magnifying mirror can help you get a better view of things when you're sans spectacles.

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by Camille Duplechain | 2/28/2022