Why you should add glycolic acid to your skincare routine ASAP


Dealing with acne can be tough, and finding the right products to treat it? Even tougher. Matching the right skincare routine to your complexion is a daunting feat, especially when you can barely pronounce most product ingredients, let alone understand what they do. We're here to help, with the ultimate guide to the product you should start using ASAP: glycolic acid. 

What is glycolic acid? 

If you're on #skincare TikTok like us, glycolic acid might sound familar. Dermatologist Dr. Mark Strom explains that glycolic acid is an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), which can improve texture and discoloration by exfoliating the top layer of your skin. Dermatologist Dr. Whitney Bowe further explains that glycolic acid molecules not only act as exfoliants, but they are small enough to dive deep into the skin to stimulate skin production of collagen. This means that with continued use, the molecules can help acne-prone skin and even reduce the size of your pores. Dr. Bowe says these qualities are unique to glycolic acid, and you won't find the same benefits in other skincare acids like it. 

Our fave glycolic acid product rec  

Now that you know the ~major~ benefits of glycolic acid, it's time to find your new favorite products with it. A good place to start is with Dr. Zenovia Skincare's 10% Glycolic Acne Control Peel Pads, $42, at Sephora. The easy-to-use face pads will work wonders on your skin, thanks to this versatile hero ingredient paired with other powerful acids. The product targets your acne, while healing and brightening acne scars at the same time. Your skin will thank you later! 

Our experience with glycolic acid 

After incorporating glycolic acid into our own skincare routines, it's safe to say we are obsessed. Cleanse your face as usual, before giving it a quick swipe with one of the acne control peel pads. This extra step takes less than a minute—and the results will show after consistent use. Say goodbye to your dark spots and give your acne-prone complexion a little extra love!

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Slider image: @charlidamelio


by Kyra Surgent | 3/25/2022