Get your whole fam in on your skincare routine

Spending time with your fam + upgrading your skincare routine = a v. relaxing (and potentially hilarious) day, if you ask us. TikTok user @sheryl.lopez61 filmed the results of using a pore strip on her grandpa, and the satisfying—and, tbh, kinda gross—results are going viral. 


Good thing we convinced grandpa to do a nose strip😬😂😂

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Wondering what all that gunk is? TikTok-famous dermatologist, Dr. Shah (@dermdoctor) posted to let us know that the pore strip is working to remove sebaceous filaments in the pores and tiny vellus hairs (which can cause acne). The strip has patended C-Bond technology to bind to the bad stuff (but not stick to your skin). 

Bioré's iconic pore strips work in just 10 minutes and are easy for anyone (including Grandpa) to use. $6, Amazon

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by GL | 5/13/2022