14 beach-inspired hairstyles to rock this summer

Summer means that it's time for (natural!) sun-induced highlights, salty-hair waves and that fresh-from-the ocean-slicked-back lewk that we all adore. It's time to get excited for beachy 'do's that won't disappoint. 

1. Beachside braid


Our motto? You can't go wrong with a simple side braid! For an especially laid-back look, pull a few strands out after braiding. We have no doubt that you'll look like a mermaid.

2. Clipped-back half-up half-down


Grab your claw clip and clip a small chunk of your hair back. And remember: The goal isn't to make it look perf—so for this wind-swept 'do, the messier, the better!

3. Butterfly clips 


This hairstyle calls for a few adorable butterfly clips. Use a comb to separate your hair into a couple of sections, then twist each section, clip it and you're done! You'll look like a fairy in no time.

4. Mini braids 


Dreaming of looking like an IRL doll? This one's for you. Just like normal braids, but quicker and smaller, this hairstyle won't disappoint! ​​​​​​

5. Hair scarf 


Grab a gorg hair scarf (or if you choose to opt for a different headband, that works too), and use it to keep your hair out of your face.

6. Low bun


Classy and cute, a low bun is perf for a beach day (or a fancier night!). And don't forget to leave two strands out in the front for an extra effortless glow.

7. Space buns 


Who said you can't bring the space vibes to the beach? Part your hair into two sections and put small chunks of your hair into high buns. Your hair will be out of the way *and* look super put-together.

8. Low ponytail 


Can't go wrong with a classic and easy low pony. This 'do is giving that post-ocean-perfect-slicked-back look—and we're *so* here for it.

9. High bun 


Let's be real: high buns are the ultimate beachy hairstyle. Whether you're taking a dip in the ocean or out for brunch with your buds, a trusty bun is the versatile look that we all need in our lives this summer.

10. Claw clip 


This trend from last summer is *so* worth the hype. Pro tip? We swear by carrying a claw clip with you in your tote bag allll summer long (bc you never know when you'll need one to save the day).

11. Dutch braids 


Dutch braids radiate *all* the summer camp and BFF braid-train vibes. And you can do them yourself with this tutorial!

12. Double messy braids


The more boho version of dutch braids, double messy braids are sure to give you a natural and beachy glow. And don't forget to leave a few strands out for that effortlessly windswept look! 

13. Double half-up half-down 


Double half-up half-down is just like normal half-up half-down, just two instead of one! For this look, you may want to use clear rubber bands. Simply separate your hair and tie two chunks back for Pinterest board goals.

14. Flower clip


We're obsessed with the coconut girl aesthetic this summer...and flower clips are the perf way to give off tropical island vibes. Simply tie your hair back or throw it into a side braid, then add a flower clip to complete the look.

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Slider image: @lauren.e.albury
Top image: @avajules


by Eva Mandelbaum | 5/24/2022