The beginner's guide to embracing your natural curls

If you have curly hair, you know the beauty of a fresh wash. But you also know the struggles you go through to maintain your head-turning mane! Curly hair is *such* a huge time commitment, especially when you're running late for school or wake up to a bad frizzy hair day. We know finding the perfect products and routine for your hair can be the hardest part. Here's an easy guide to starting your natural hair journey!

Learning your hair texture

Not knowing your hair texture is half the battle, because most hair products are made for a specific type. There are three different types of curly hair: type 2, type 3, and type 4 (aka the curliest). These are broken down into smaller groups so you can find the perfect YouTube tutorial for your texture! If half of your hair is somewhat straight but you have a couple of wavy S-shaped pieces, you have type 2 hair. Those with the curls that can be seen from miles away with high definition and volume are type 3. Type 4 is kinky hair with the tightest curls.

Use protective styles


When you want to lay out in the sand living your vacay dreams, thick hair can be an annoyance! Protective styles are the perf way to keep your curls safe while letting them grow out. There are so many different styles such as braids, wigs, faux locs or even just simply finding a low-tension hairstyle that can last for days. 

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Loving your natural hair


This is the step everyone forgets! While the extra care and passion for curly hair can be hard—it's beautiful! So at the next big party or fun road trip, leave the straightener at home and bring some extra moisturizers. Straightening your hair less, trying different hairstyles and taking that extra thirty minutes to do your hair all make a big difference in how you feel toward your locks.

Protecting your curls overnight

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Constantly wake up in the morning with tangles, knots and dry hair? It might be because of your bed. Curls are best kept when surrounded by satin materials—satin pillowcases, sheets and even satin scrunchies can all play a part in keeping your strands bouncy. You can also wear something around you hair at night to keep it in place like a headscarf, bonnet or headstrap. If you don't want all of the added work to your nighttime routine, simply braid your hair before you go to bed. 

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by Taylor Hancock | 9/1/2022