Everything you need to know about hair slugging

Chances are you've heard about face slugging, but what about for your hair? For some much-needed TLC, hair slugging is the thing that our hair didn't know it needed until now (and DW, it doesn't involve slimy slugs!). So if your locks have been feeling...well, like it seriously needs a refresh, look no further than slugging for healthy and luscious hair. 

What is hair slugging?

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Face slugging typically uses petroleum jelly, but hair slugging takes a different direction. In short, it's when you sleep with your hair mask and/or other hydrating products overnight to restore your locks. This technique actually dates back to many cultures like the African and South Asian communities. 

What are the benefits?

By treating your hair overnight, it seals in moisture—which especially helps those who have dry or damaged strands. In the end, the nourishing process is def worth it to prevent frizz and make your hair shinier and softer (trust us, your hair will thank you).

How to hair slug

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Step one: Start with hair that is clean and freshly washed. Coat your strands with a treatment based on your hair's needs. You can go for a hair mask, serum, oil, etc. and apply from either the root or middle to the tips of your hair. If you tend to get an oily scalp or might experience build-up, we highly recommend going from the middle to the ends. Massage the product into your hair generously.

Step two: It's time to wrap your hair! Consider a silk hair wrap or a long sock if you don't have one. For the sock method, seal your ends by flipping the sock inside out and pulling your hair through so that the sock is covering the hair. Then, use a hair tie or soft scrunchie to secure it in place. Now, wait overnight for the best results!

Step three: After letting the treatment sit, it is crucial to clean your hair well. Unwrap your hair and rinse out any leftover product. You can finally say hello to happy hair!  

Final tip: Now that you got the hang of hair slugging, aim to do it once a week, or whenever you feel that your strands need a helping hand. Just be careful to not do it more than once a week to steer clear of over-moisturizing.


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by Madison Yee | 8/22/2022