*These* are the tools you need in your beauty bag

Elevate your everyday look with blenders, brushes and blotters that get the job done. Celebrity makeup artist Maurie Davidson explains it all.

Florence by Mills Cloud Bag, $19,

Wondering why your contour won’t blend or your shadow looks blotchy? Consider what’s in your brush bin. “Building a good arsenal of beauty tools is so important for your finished look,” says Davidson. Grab your holy grail products (and a brilliant bag) because these essentials are about to be your new beauty besties, babe.


These egg-shaped sponges blend foundation and concealer seamlessly. “Run it under water, squeeze it out, then mist setting spray on top before blending out product,” Davidson suggests. Plus, you can use it dry to press setting powder onto your skin.
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So long, wipes: A reusable towel is a great choice for the environment—and your skin. Wet it to wipe away makeup before cleansing. “Use it in sections, then toss into the washer and dryer with your bath towels twice a week,” advises Davidson.
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One eyeshadow brush does *not* fit all: Choose a large, flat brush for all-over coverage, a domed blending one for softening the edges of your shadow and a dense pointed brush for details like liner or your inner corners, Davidson advises.
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Feign a fuller brow with a tool that sculpts and fills. “Pick a brush with a thin edge to apply brow pomade or eyeshadow through your brow hairs,” Davidson shares. Pro tip: Dip your spoolie into a bit of gel and swipe on for a brushed-up look.
TRY: Tarte Fill Service Brow Brush & Spoolie, $17,


Tbh, we all get a little shiny in the T-zone by afternoon. Blotting sheets gently soak up that mid-day sheen without ruining your makeup. And you’ll want to stock ’em even if you don’t wear any products. “They give your skin a natural, matte look,” shares Davidson.
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“A big, fluffy brush is great for lightly applying color,” says Davidson. Fill up your brush with setting powder, blush or bronzer, then gently tap to remove any excess before blending product seamlessly into your skin.
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by Erin Sargent | 10/15/2022