GL's Fun New Hair Crushes!

Bored with your pony?
Not anymore.
We’ve got three way-hot, gotta try ‘em styles to sweeten your ‘do.
Keep reading to spy our easy ways to make your locks look lovely and totally unique! Your tresses will get tons of compliments, too.

Crazy Colorful Highlights
Blue and purple streaks were all over the spring runways, and GL’s got the easy how-to. Follow our instructions for DIY highlights to score pretty, pastel pieces. The best way to style it? Apply mousse and let hair dry a bit. Once tresses are damp, spritz on a texturizing spray and blow dry.

Brilliant Braids
It’s not exactly news that twists are très trendy. Our fave spin on the good ol’ braid? Weaving a gorgeous scarf into your strands. Take a long scarf and fold it, so it’s a few inches wide. Then, wrap it around your head (just behind your hair line). Instead of tying it at the bottom, sweep the ends in with the rest of your locks. Separate your hair into three sections and include the scarf ends with one of the sections. Braid your hair like normal. Secure the ends with a hair elastic.

Olive Silk Scarf, $32,

 Hats off!
A straw hat may feel more farm girl than fashion forward, but these toppers are having their, um, heyday. They put a cool spin on floral frocks or are an easy way to cover up not-washed strands on those mornings when you hit snooze a million times. Wear ‘em with your hair down and loose, and keep the rest of your outfit modern. These caps look cute loaded up with flower pins, too.
Deena & Ozzy Straw Boater Hat, $34,


by Katie Abbondanza | 2/1/2016
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