Great Styles for Growing Out Bangs

Help! What should I do with my bangs while I’m growing them out?
There’s no doubt that bangs are a girly, fun way to wear your hair, but the growing-out phase can be annoying. It’s hard not to want to tear your hair out when you’re goin’ fring-free. 
But there’s plenty of ways to send your old hairstyle out with a bang. Here’s how to make grow-out time as stylish as ever!

Clip ‘em
Accessorize your strands! Pull your bangs out of your face in small portions and secure them with a simple bobby pin, a cute barrette or an embellished clip. You might need a couple pins, depending on how thick your bangs are, but this is a cute and fast fix.

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Hide & Seek
Let your forehead see the sun by tucking your fringe under a headband. Use a dab of pomade or styling wax to smooth your bangs back with the rest of your hair, then slide the headband over top. No one will even know they’re hiding under there.

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Swept Away
Wanna keep rockin’ those bangs but don’t want them quite so blunt? Have the best of both worlds with side-swept fringe. While your locks are still wet, part your hair on the side. Blow strands out with a round brush, making sure to sweep bangs to one side. Pin 'em off to the side to keep the shape pretty!
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by Lauren Carney | 2/1/2016
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