4 cords to rock on 11/11/11

Bust out your cords, chicas! Tomorrow is 11/11/11, which fabric fanatics rejoice as Corduroy Appreciation Day. So, why celebrate the calendar's most palindromic date with fashion's most linear material? Because the fabric's vertical ridges look just like that long string of ones you're antsy to write out. While some cloth-crazed groups suggest you wear three different pieces of corduroy tomorrow (sheesh!), we're showing you our four fave pieces that work fine on their own 365 days a year.

Colorful denim has been a must-have trend this year, and we're glad to see cords have followed suit with fall hues. Pair with other muted tones for autumn-approved colorblocking.

Skinny Corduroy Pants, $20,

Calico meets cords with this oh-so cute shoulder bag that works comfortably for casual or date night wear. Bonus! This is a floral you can totes rock year-round (and trust us, we will!).

You Can Take It With You Bag, $30,

A cord mini with leather buttons? Prep alert! Go all out with a button-down sweater over a collared shirt, or chill out with a boho blouse under a jean jacket.

BDG Corduroy Skirt, $20 (on sale!),

We absolutely L-O-V-E red this season -- or any season, really -- and you can add this flame-red blazer to our long list of crimson crushes. A swoon-worthy improvement from your go-to cardi, dontcha think?

Velvety Corduroy Blazer, $35,

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by Karmen Fox | 2/1/2016