Your ultimate summer style dictionary from A-Z

Looking high and low for the ultimate summer shopping guide? Start off the sunny season on the right (fashion-forward) foot with our summer style dictionary. Don’t worry, dolls: no need to memorize this list. We crafted our own definitions for summer’s must-have trends.  
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    Aztec [az-tek]
    Definition: Aztec prints are geometric, bright and colorful—they make a perfect tribal-influenced accent to all your summer outfits.
    Belted Hi-Low (see H) Aztec Print Skirt, $23,
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    Beach Waves [beech weyvz]
    Definition: Love your locks at the beach but can’t get them whenever you want? Try this texturizing spray on damp tresses for beautiful beach waves every day.


    Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray, $5,
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    Cutouts [kuht-owts]
    Definition: Cool cutouts on a shirt or dress are the perfect way to show a hint of skin and stay chill.
    Holiday Dress, $50,
  • d_az.jpg


    Dip-Dye Denim [dip dahy de-nuhm]
    Definition: Our new obsession: you can now find dip-dye anything and everything! Jeans, shoes, even your over-the-shoulder beach bag can benefit from the ombre effect.
    Dip Dye Ombre Shorts, $20,
  • e_az.jpg


    Earphones [eer-fohnz]

    Definition: Forget your boring old earbuds. Rock out poolside with these cute in-ear headphones. Bonus points if they match your bikini.


    Audiology Printed Earbuds, $10,

  • f_az.jpg


    Fringe [frinj]

    Definition: Funky fringe is a style we totally love. Try a bathing suit loaded with flirty fringe guaranteed to make a splash at your next party.


    Billabong Fringe Triangle & Billabong Fringe Boy Bottom, Top $39, Bottom $39,
  • g_az.jpg


    Glitter [glit-er]

    Definition: Who says metallics are only for holiday? We adore glitz and glitter on everything from shoes to jewelry to nail polish any time of year. Sparkle under the sun? Why not!
    Metallic Mini Polish Set, $10,
  • h_az.jpg


    High Low [hi lo]


    Definition: High-low hemlines are flirty, fun, and great for summer: their breezy cut brings the best of both worlds. Mini, meet maxi!


    Flounced High-Low Bandana Skirt, $18,

  • i_az.jpg


    Instant Tan [in-stuhnt tan]
    Definition: The safest way to a natural glow, tanning lotion is tops for summer. Plus, if you don’t want to deal with weird tan lines, it’s the perf option. Just be sure to still apply SPF before stepping out!
    Jergens Natural Glow, $8,
  • j_az.jpg


    Jelly jewelry [jel-ee jewl-ree]

    Definition: Forget your feet: Accessorizing with jelly jewelry is a must-try this summer. These waterproof gems look good on and off the beach. 


    Collezio Jelly Strap Watch, $18,

  • k_az.jpg


    Keds [kedz]
    Definition: These super cute canvas sneakers look great with shorts, skirts and even dresses. Plus, they're way comfy.
    Keds Champion Canvas Oxfords in Coral, $35,
  • l_az.jpg


    Lip gloss [lip glaws]
    Definition: Simple and light, lipgloss is a summer makeup staple, so be sure to pack it in your beach bag.


    Stila Lip Glaze in Kitten, $22,

  • m_az.jpg


    Monograms [mon-uh-grams]

    Definition: Whether as personalized jewelry or initials embroidered on bags, monograms are a really chic and totally customizable way to personalize your stuff.


    Boat and Tote Bag Zip-Top, $28-$46 (depending on size),

  • n_az.jpg
    Nail Art [neyl ahrt]
    Definition: This new form of art is all the rage this summer. Check out this cute book to teach yourself how to DIY your own tips.


    DIY Nail Art by Catherine Rodgers, $13,

  • o_az.jpg


    Over-the-Shoulder Bags

    Definition: Over the shoulder bags, big or small, are perfect for summer. We love how you can stuff everything from sunscreen (See S) to sunglasses to your fave mag.


    Bungalow Purse, $40,

  • p_az.jpg


    Pastels [pa-stelz]

    Definition: Now that the sun’s showin’ face, it’s time to pull those light colors out from hibernation. We’re drooling over ice cream hues like mint, peaches ‘n’ cream and strawberry.
    Want To Stay Tank, $44,
  • q_az.jpg


    Quick Dry [kwik dri]

    Definition: Jetsetter? This product is an absolute must-have for when ya gotta paint ‘n’ run.

    Essie Quick-E Drying Drops, $15,

  • r_az.jpg


    Romper [rohm-pur]

    Definition: Rompers make the best summer outfits. You can wear them over bathing suits as cover-ups, toss one on with a cute pair of sandals, or even rock a romper just lounging around your house. So. Easy.


    Mossimo Supply Co Juniors Romper With Mesh Strap - Assorted Colors, $20,

  • s_az.jpg


    Sunscreen [suhn-skreen]

    Definition: To keep your fun in the sun going strong, don’t forget to layer on the SPF. The longer you’re out, the more you should keep applying—it’s the golden rule of summer!

    Sunscreen Mist With Vitamin C Broad Spectrum SPF 50, $13,

  • t_az.jpg


    Tinted Moisturizer [tin-ted mois-chuh-rahy-zer]

    Definition: Don’t let heavy foundation weigh you down this summer. Opt for a light and airy tinted moisturizer that’ll keep ya covered, but not cakey.
    Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream, $7,
  • u_az.jpg


    Umbrella [uhm-breh-lah]

    Definition: A fun, cute way to avoid those strong sunrays or summer storms is to carry around a presh printed umbrella. Don’t worry about seeming silly! You’re the one who will be laughing when all your friends have suddenly been turned into lobsters.


    Polka Dot & Striped Travel Umbrella, $9,
  • v_az.jpg


    Vest [vehst]

    Definition: Vests are the easiest ways to layer up and keep cool this summer. Paired with a cute high-low skirt, you’re set for anything from the beach to a date.

    Crochet Back Cream Vest, $25,
  • w_az.jpg


    Water Proof [wah-ter proof]

    Definition: Whether you’re poolside or on the beach, we trust these cases and cameras to get the shot and keep things dry.

    Waterproof Digital Camera, $40,

  • x_az.jpg


    X-tra Cute Hair Ties

    Definition: Once the weather warms up, you’ll be pulling your hair in a pony more often than not, so be sure to have some super cute hair ties on hand er, wrist.


    Combo Pack of Elastic Hair Ties, $4,

  • y_az.jpg


    Yellow [yel-oh]
    Definition: Lemon yellow is super fresh, fun, and airy. Try a matching mani/pedi for the ultimate effect.


    Butter Nail Lacquer in Jasper, $15,

  • z_az.jpg


    Zippers [zih-purs]

    Definition: Let’s face it: zippers rock. They add an instant edge to any ensemble—whether it’s floral print, plaid or perfectly plain. Pick out a zippered piece this season and watch how it’ll take over your regular rotation.


    Urban Renewal Zipper Bustier Top, $29,

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by Lexi Fried, Rachael Kershner, Elizabeth Kuntz, Hannah Meshulam, Caroline McClure, Sammi Parrish | 2/1/2016