What does the fox wear? 6 adorbs pieces you gotta get your paws on

It's official: foxes are everywhere! And thanks to that catchy viral vid, fox fever isn’t stopping. To which we (especially this editor whose last name is Fox) say hooray! They’re cute, crafty and oh-so-feisty. That’s why we’re looking to these adorbs critters for outfit inspo. For that’s foxy with a hint of moxie, read on…

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  • 1fox.jpg

    Sly guy

    Pair with bold color jeans or a sleek pencil skirt, and no one can outfox your smart style.

    Coincidence & Chance Foxy Geek Sweater, $44,

  • 2fox.jpg

    Foxy lady

    Prim and presh, rock it with thick stockings and a cardi for fall fun. Or kick it casual with sneaks and a jean jacket.

    Smock Fox Dress with Cute Fox, $50,

  • 3foxpurse.jpg

    Im-paws-ibly cute

    Just look at that face. Who better to guard your cash and phone than this li’l guy? No Swiper here!

    Critter-cal Mass Bag in Fox, $35,

  • 4foxscarf.jpg


    Wrap yourself in a playful and colorful scarf. Add to any outfit and you’ll be red-dy in no time.

    Mischief Maker Scarf in Navy, $23,

  • 5foxslippers.jpg

    Fox in socks

    Yup, you saw this one coming. These cozy and cute slippers are perfect for lounging around your den.

    Animal Slipper-Sock, $16,

  • 6foxring.jpg


    Annnd… you probably saw that one coming too. Get one of these pretty little pieces on your paws, stat!

    Fox Ring, $5,

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by Karmen Fox | 2/1/2016