12 Days of Dresses: Sneaky ways to wear last year's dress

New year, new dress? Not so fast, girl. There’s a way to rework last year’s frock that’s a step up from the ol’ necklace-swapping trick. Yup, we’re talking about layering. Try these tips and there’s no way anyone will think you’re stuck in the past—promise!

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  • 1lastyear.jpg

    New year’s edgy

    Hands down, the quickest trick is sporting on a blazer or light jacket. Add a pair of pattern tights and slip on a punk bracelet, and it’s time rock the countdown!

    Draped Strapless Dress, $35,

    Hi-Low Open Front Blazer, $27,

    Intricately Exquisite Tights, $15,

    Black Buckle Heeled Ankle Boots, $26,

    Black and Gold Chunky Chain Leather-Look Cuff, $10,

  • 2lastyear.jpg

    Party down in a button-down

    OK, so maybe you’re tired of the throw-on-a-cardi routine. That’s when ya wear it underneath a sleeveless or strapless dress. But if you’re looking for something lighter (read: less likely to make ya sweat from all that dancing), opt for a blouse or button-down.

    Black Sleeveless Skater Dress, $44,

    Black Polka Dot Long Sleeve Shirt, $21,

    ALDO Lindall Platform Pumps, $28,

    Orelia Helena Bow Stud Earrings, $16,

  • 3lastyear.jpg

    Vest year ever!

    Layering over a long-sleeve dress seems like overkill, right? Enter: the fur vest. It’s sleeveless, so glam and just the game-changer your frock needs.

    Izabel London Studded Belt Lace Skater Dress, $46,

    AE Shaggy Faux Fur Vest, $45,

    Wide Fit Burgundy Block Heel Ankle Boots, $31,

    Black, Gold-tone and White Statement Earrings, $38,

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by Karmen Fox | 2/1/2016