Trend alert: Arrow jewelry that'll strike your heart

We’re obsessed with arrow jewelry! If you’re tired of the same old hearts and peace signs on jewelry, look no further. Check out these fab pieces that’ll be sure to channel your inner Katniss Everdeen.
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    Shot through studs

    These dainty studs will glam up your ears and make for the perfect everyday addition to your look.

    Gorjana Arrow Stud Earrings, $35,

  • 2arrow.jpg

    Wrapped around a tree ring

    This wrapped arrow ring is adorable. Wear it on your pinky for an even more delicate look.

    Gold Little Arrow Ring, $8,

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    Cutout cuff

    Want something that’ll get noticed a little more? Look no further than this gold cuff with cutout arrows. Wear it with a sundress or a romper to add to your outfit.

    ASOS Cut Out Arrow Bracelet, $15,

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    Arrowhead bangle

    This bangle will for sure supply some vintage cool to your wrist. Add it to the rest of your arm party or wear it alone.

    Lost Arrow Bangle in Ivory, $13,

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    Feathered and free pendant

    Throw it back to the days of Pocahontas with this Native American-inspired necklace. Layer it on top of a sundress for a cool festival look this summer.

    Arrow & Feathers Necklace, $4,

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by Kelsie Ahern | 2/1/2016