#GLFashBash: Behind the scenes!

GL's second annual Back-to-School Fashion Bash went down Tuesday, August 19, and we don’t know about you, but it was definitely the highlight of our summer. The party was totally epic and had everything from Jane makeovers, Splat hair chalking and Clear Start skin consultations to a Mirabella boot design challenge, a Choose Friendship button station and an Allstate obstacle course (to check out the full lineup click here). All that plus a fab fall fashion show (hosted by Disney XD's Lab Rats and Disney Channel's How to Build a Better Boy star Kelli Berglund) and so much more!

This year, we stepped it up a notch with non-stop musical performances. First, Kristina Lachaga (aka The Girl With The Big Pink Heart) kicked it off with her cute crush anthem "Won't Wait Forever." Then, Tiffany Houghton rocked the house (GL editor Karen has already downloaded her awesome bad-boyfriend send-off song "The Best" from iTunes). Next up was Cailee Rae, who wowed us with a few original songs and a rendition of Sam Smith's "Latch." Finally, our girl Bea Miller totally killed it during our main fashion show event (make "Young Blood" your personal anthem this year). Talk about superb stage presence!  

Oh, and because #GLFashBash was the official pre-party of the Austin Mahone Live Tour…our besties (and tour members) The Vamps stopped by to hang out.  

Overall, the event was a total hit...we had such a great time and hope you all did, too!  


Missed this year's party? Scroll down to check out GL's fave moments from the event:



Publisher and Founding Editor Karen Bokram hanging out on stage with Kelli Berglund

 "Getting to hang out with all our talent but especially Kelli Berglund. She's as sweet as she is smart, as nice as she is beautiful and as poised as she is talented. You could hardly tell that her mic wasn't working exactly right...but she handled it like a true pro!" - Karen B., Publisher and Founding Editor 

"My favorite moment at Fashion Bash was at 1:59pm, when I double-checked that everything was set to go and then gave the okay to open the doors. It was so incredible to look around and see everyone's hard work pay off beautifully and then welcome a thousand GL girls to join us for an amazing day." - Kelsey H., Marketing Manager 

“I worked the fashion show backstage so I loved seeing all the models together for the final walk.” - Victoria G., Fashion Intern

"I loved working with all our amazing models backstage. Watching them perfect their walk and totally own the outfits was tons of fun. They really brought the clothes and the show to life!"- Jess W., Fashion Editor 



GL intern Irina R. with a Barbizon model backstage (PS: Can you believe that model's dress is made entirely of Duck Tape?!)


My favorite moment was watching the girls meet Bea Miller. One girl was so happy she cute!” - Andrea R., Marketing Intern 

"I loved interviewing the super-friendly talent backstage. I learned a lot of interesting (and hilarious!) facts about Bea Miller and Kelli Berglund." - Trish M., Senior Editor  


The Vamps kicking it on stage with GL

"My favorite part was when all the girls screamed as The Vamps walked in. It was hilarious, and I'm not gonna was pretty hard for me to hide my inner fan girl excitement." - Laurise M., Senior Intern


GL intern Laurise M. hanging out in her BOBS by Skechers with main act Bea Miller!

"I liked seeing all the happy moms watch their daughters have a blast." - Becky K., Marketing Intern

"I enjoyed having the GL team come together and work together to pull off the event!" - Sydney A., Entertainment Intern



GL interns Kayla A. (left) and Becky K. (right) taking selfies with thier "GL Crew" badges.


Did you kick it with us at Fash Bash 2014? Tell us your favorite moment in the comments below! Be sure to check back in on September 19 when we release all photos and videos!


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by Laurise McMillian | 2/1/2016